A Cat Drawing, Hugs, and Oreos

Sadie is quite the little artist lately. She is always asking me to teach her how to draw different things (if only she knew that I am not a very talented artist 😂). She wanted to learn how to draw a cat and here’s how her first attempt turned out!

Toddler's drawing of a cat

If she asked me to teach her how to bake bread or granola, then I could feel a little bit more confident in my teaching skills! I totally want to get her an Easy-Bake Oven. Does anybody remember those? I had one as a child and absolutely adored it!

Speaking of baking and such, I have been making so many chocolate covered Oreos lately. They seem to be a popular Valentine’s Day gift. Love it ❤️

Valentine's Day chocolate covered Oreos

Moving on to more random things…

Niva is in heaven with all the snow we have on the ground. We got a fresh layer of snow on Friday and she went into our backyard, gently laid on her belly, then rolled over and–I promise you–she made a snow angel. It was the cutest thing 😍

She also loves giving me hugs. I love getting them!

Siberian husky standing up hugging girl

Siberian husky standing up hugging girl

Aaaaand that concludes today’s randomness!

Do you like to draw?



  1. Okay, so Sadie can already draw better than I can. HA!!! I cannot draw at ALL. Brady follows along with my skills, but Kaitlyn seems to be a little artist as well. I plan to start showing her Youtube tutorials for kids to help encourage her, because I am of no help. I still draw stick figures! LOL!
    Those oreos are just beautiful!!!
    I have not been into snow this year, which is sad. But I think that a huge part of it is the super cold temps we’ve had, and then just all the ice. It’s supposed to “warm” up to the 30’s this week, so I think we’ll be going out a whole lot more!

  2. I wish I could draw- but I just can’t. Only hairstyles (as you know)
    Niva is a great cuddler and hugger!
    I think you should frame Sadie’s cat pic!! It’s adorable.
    The Oreos look amazing (even though I saw you take that pic)… I didn’t realize how many different ones you did. I know you worked super hard today hat morning to get them done.

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