Cuteness + The Best Things I Bought on Amazon in 2020

Hello from the fur factory!

Husky fur all over floor from shedding and blowing coat

Happy Friday! Do you have any fun plans this weekend? I just wanted to pop in and share my Amazon favorites from last year, plus some cuteness that I don’t want to forget. 

Like Sadie’s face when she gets a cake pop. And mine when the caffeine hits 😉

Toddler with cake pop from StarbucksStarbucks birthday cake pop

And how cute it is to find Sadie’s toys all lined up around the house. I may pick up those toys (and step on them…) a million times a day and each time it’s a reminder that we have the sweetest little toddler living in our house.

These are the days and I never want to forget that.

Paw Patrol toys

I decided to go through my orders on Amazon for last year and share a few of my favorites! I made a lot of orders in 2020, but I’m just going to blame it on being home so much 😉

These are all items I’ve personally purchased and enjoyed, no sponsorships here!

Best Amazon toddler products

Snack cups // Fine Motor Hedge Hog // Scribble Scrubbies // Poke-A-Dot Book // Booster Seat // Good Night, God Book // Reusable Stickers // Diaper Rash Spray

It was so hard to narrow down our favorite Amazon items for Sadie girl! I think my absolute favorite is probably the scribble scrubbies, which are animal figures that you color, wash, and then can color again. Not going to lie, I have fun playing with these, haha. 

Everything else is something Sadie enjoyed (reusable stickers!) or something that made parenting a little bit easier (spray diaper rash cream!). 

Best Amazon products

Water Bottle Organizer // To-Do List // Blanket // Coat Rack // Pillow Covers // Tripod // Pet Food and Water Mat

I love anything that makes our home more organized and clean, so the water bottle organizer and coat rack were huge wins in 2020. The tripod was a great buy for filming vlogs (and it works with phones!), and the blanket? So soft!

Best books on Amazon

Midnight Sun // Prayer Journal // The Whole-Brain Child // Essential Oils // Gospel Conversations // Midwife: An Adventure

I’m going to blame all my book purchases on the fact that our libraries were closed for most of last year. I read a lot of great books, including The Whole Brain Child. It has been so helpful for understanding what’s going on in Sader Tot’s brain.

Midnight Sun was much anticipated (Team Edward, baby!) and it did not disappoint. The prayer journal is so beautiful and useful. It’s a wonderful gift if you have a friend or family member who loves to journal!

What’s the best thing you bought off of Amazon in 2020?

What’s the cutest thing you saw today?



  1. Allie,

    Its so heart warming to see the toys lined up by Sadie and you taking a picture of it and wanting to remember those days!

    I love You!

  2. AH! I love this idea for a blog post! How fun! Those little animals you can paint then wash and paint again look awesome! And I love all the home organization purchases! Those are great!

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