The Three Musketeers

Just before Jimmy comes home from work I like to open up our front door so everyone can greet him when he walks up our sidewalk. When I hear his truck rumbling up the street I say “Dad’s home!” and Sadie, Malcolm, and Mavis all go to the front door to welcome him home.

Baby dog and cat waiting at door together

I think I’m going to start calling these little rascals the three musketeers. They are already so mischievous together! Sadie feeds Mavis from her high chair, I caught Malcolm and Sadie playing in the toilet together this week, and Sadie chases Mavis around the house with her baby doll stroller.

They’re quite the trio and always up to something! Jimmy and I just realized yesterday that we welcomed a new family member three years in a row when we thought about how Malcolm is three-years-old, Mavis is two, and Sadie is one. Eek!! They sure do make our lives fun 🙂



  1. So adorable! Three under four – you definitely have your hands full! It’s wonderful that they all get along so well and are such good friends. As Sadie gets older and starts throwing tantrums, remember the pets as a calm-down technique! It works well for both Ava and Owen when they’re upset because I, I don’t know – sliced the banana instead of handing it over whole or some other such traumatizing event – to suggest that they go give Kiki or Rue a hug. They often calm down right away when they’re with a pet!

    1. That’s the perfect way to describe it… we have our hands full, ha! They really are so sweet together (and mischievous!). I love the idea of using the pets as a calm down technique! LOL about slicing a banana instead of handing it over whole or some other traumatizing event… I totally get that now that I have an almost 14-month-old on my hands!

  2. Oh my gosh, love this, the three musketeers!! Too funny how you caught them all up to something 😂 & that’s too darn precious how they all wait for their dad.

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