First Snow

Pittsburgh got its first snow of the season yesterday. We woke up to a dusting of snow and it continued to flurry on and off throughout the day. As soon as Jimmy got home from work we bundled up and tried out Sadie’s craigslist sled!

Baby in L.L. Bean sledMom and baby with sled in the snowMom pulling baby in L.L. Bean sled

Sader Tot was a big fan of her sled! We took turns pulling her around the yard and her little squeals of delight were the sweetest thing. It’s so neat to see her experience new things!

She was diggin’ the snow, too. So much so that she wanted us to put. her. down. now. when we tried to take a picture, lol.

Family in the snow with babyBaby girl in pink hat in the snow

The cold didn’t seem to bother her one bit! She just explored the yard and followed Mavis around (nothing new there–those two are inseparable!). Speaking of Mavis, she was having a ball sniffing the snow and running around like a maniac.

She had a major case of the zoomies and we were cracking up. She slept well last night!

Cocker spaniel in snowFather and baby in snow

It was a fun first snow of the season for all of us! It feels like such a huge blessing to experience these little moments of joy as a family. God has been so, so good to us ❀

Do you enjoy snow?



  1. First of all, her matching hat & mittens are the cutest things, ever! & how much she loved the snow, ugh, she makes me melt! I love the style of that sled soso much & Mavis looks even more beautiful with the snow backdrop, wow. Such a fun time! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Allie! ❀

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