Our Garden 2019: Fencing and Planting

I’ve got an exciting garden update today. We installed our fencing and planted the garden this weekend! Last time I posted about the garden, the plot looked like this…

Baby in garden

Jimmy made the fencing (!), had it galvanized so it won’t rust, and installed it on Saturday. He made the panels in a way that they can be removed from the posts if need be. Here’s what the plot looked like with the fencing all done.

Vegetable garden with wood and steel fence

Vegetable garden with steel and wood fence

We did our planting on Memorial Day while Sadie napped. We bought our plants from Lowes for the first time (we usually buy them from a local garden center), so we’ll see how they do.

What We Planted
-Purple heirloom tomatoes
-Grape tomatoes
-Mini sweet peppers
-Green bell peppers
-Mini sweet yellow peppers
-Jalapeno peppers
-Swiss chard

Here’s a look at the garden after we planted everything, laid down stepping stones, and put up a makeshift gate until Jimmy can fabricate one that swings or latches into place.

Vegetable garden with fence

Vegetable garden with steel and wood fenceVegetable garden with steel and wood fence

So there you have it. We are all fenced and planted and now we will focus on weeding, watering, and hopefully harvesting soon enough!



  1. I feel like you just posted that last post yesterday! WOW y’all moved fast!!! The fence looks great & I cannot wait to hear how all those yummy veggies turn out! I feel like gardening would be just one of the most rewarding hobbies. Thanks for the update, Allie!

    1. Haha thanks! We didn’t want summer to pass us by before we got planted! I was so glad we just got. it. done.! I’m so pumped to share how it all turns out 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, the fencing looks so good!! Jimmy really did an amazing job. I still can’t believe he’s skilled enough to do that, how handy! All of your veggies sound so delicious, I hope your garden produces plenty this year!

    1. Thank you, Courtney! I honestly can’t believe how talented Jimmy is with stuff like that. He whipped that up no problem and I’m like “How did you… how would… how?!” haha.

  3. It looks incredible! All my gardener buddies would be so jealous of your set-up. Jimmy did such a great job!

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