Our Garden 2019: Making Progress

We’ve made some progress on the garden since I last posted! Jimmy tilled the plot last week and I raked it.

Guy using rototiller to till vegetable garden plotVegetable garden plot after tilling

Thanks to my mom hanging out with Sadie, we found a little chunk of time to put down the landscape fabric yesterday.

Here’s a look at the plot now, with our little gardener hanging out on the freshly laid landscape fabric!

Baby in gardenBaby in garden

It feels great to be making more progress! Most people in our neighborhood have already planted, which makes us kinda jealous, but we’re determined to finish the fence and gate around the garden before we plant this year so we avoid rabbits and deer eating everything before we get to harvest it.

Jimmy is making the fence at his family’s steel fabrication shop as I type up this post! We’re having it galvanized, and it should be ready to be installed sometime next week or weekend. Can’t wait 🙂

Do you garden? If so, have you planted?



  1. I’m sorry I put Sadie in the middle of your garden 😂 it was just too cute to resist!
    As you know, I don’t plant anything. The soil At our house has always been horrible ~ more like clay… so I don’t even bother! I’m hoping you, Jimmy & Sadie have a lot of fun harvesting this summer though!

    1. That was so much fun! I do remember the soil at our house being like clay.. so weird! We will have to give you lots of cucumbers and zucchini bread this summer 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh y’all are making serious progress!!! How in the world do you all find the time haha. And Sadie is just having a ball sitting in the garden- so cute. Thanks for sharing the update!

    1. Ahh, thanks Mackenzie!! We totally don’t have the time… but somehow we’re makin’ it work, haha. Thanks for all the gardening encouragement and love for Sadie!

  3. It’s looking so great!! You guys have made a lot of progress. Can’t wait to see the update with the fence! I bet it’s going to look amazing, and how fantastic that Jimmy can just make it himself!

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