When Mavis and Lola are Away

Jimmy and Allie will play! Or just sleep in ๐Ÿ™‚

My parents’ gave Jimmy and I a weekend off of our pups last weekend and it was so lovely! Sometimes we just need a break, you know? I find I’m a better fur mom after I’ve had some time away from our girls every now and then.

Plus, I know they had fun at their fur grandparents’ house!

Yellow lab and cocker spaniel cuddling together on couch

Mavis cuddling on the couch with my Reggie (my parents’ lab) and my Dad.

When my dad dropped the girls off on Monday morning he sheepishly said “Yeah… we spoiled them…” and left it at that, haha. Jimmy and I are fine with them being spoiled there, since they know the Zottola house rules when they come back home!

Jimmy and I were able to have a relaxed weekend. I had a pet sitting job for a family on vacation, Jimmy worked on our bed, and we watched the Olympics. I was even able to deep clean our kitchen. Let’s just say the dirty mop water from our kitchen was dark… really dark.

Here’s the progress on our bed. I think we just need to add the wood in now?!

Industrial steel bed frame

We’re really getting close to finishing! And by “we’re,” I totally mean Jimmy. I just cheer him on and keep his belly full of apple pie and rice pudding. When it comes to picking out, painting, or staining wood, I’ll be of more help!

Here’s us watching the Olympics on the couch with Malcolm snuggled in between us! I was totally ordering house supplies (toilet paper and peanut butter… the necessities of life) from Jet on my phone when Jimmy took this picture, haha.

Couple cuddling on the couch with cat in black and white

Remember how I mentioned that we bought a new quilt in my last post? I put it on our bed and we’re loving it! I think this will be a lot easier to clean than theย white duvet cover we previously had.

The picture quality isn’t great since I snapped it with my phone, but I’ll do a more detailed post when I get out my DSLR and take some better pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

Gray and blue master bedroom with bench and turquoise and grey throw pillows and hummingbird watercolor prints

See that bench? Malcolm has completely shredded it since we got it. I spent about 20 minutes cutting little pieces of loose threads off the sides of the bench earlier this week.

We made a new rule: no more pets in the bedroom. We’ll see how it goes. We’ve been able to stay strong for two nights and the pets haven’t protested too much, thankfully!

What did you do over the weekend?

Do you have any house rules with pets?



  1. What a fun weekend away from the fur puppies! My parents are always spoiling my siblings puppies (And kids for that matter ;p) Your bedroom is so cute and going to look so good with the new frame! And girl I have wasted so many hours watching the Olympics! I am obsessed! I hope you have a great week โค

    1. It was really such a nice weekend!! How sweet that your parents spoil your siblings’ pups (and kids!)! Thank you for the compliment on our bed frame! Can’t wait to show the finished product ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The bed looks amazing! The new comforter is such a pretty color too. It’ll be so easy to change the feeling with some new throw pillows when you’re starting to get bored of it. Does that make sense? Lol I’m not saying you’re bored but when you need a little refresher it’s simple to match a neutral.

  3. It was so much fun having Lola and Mavis spend the weekend with our zoo! As you are well aware, we have very minimal rules for our pets. For some odd reason, our cats are well behaved and really don’t bother anyone – except when I’m trying to enter rent checks in quickbooks and Felix decides to lay across the keyboard and knock 10 out of 15 checks off the desk. Reggie and Brandy are allowed on our sofa and loveseat (and they’re brand new, and leather – so I’m obviously spoiling them). The main rule I try to enforce is no jumping on guests – or us! Reggie is prop 80 lbs now, so when he does jump, it can be intimidating to a guest. Brandy doesn’t jump- she just runs and gets her ball for anyone to throw to her 18,000x down the hallway…
    I really love the quilt you chose!! Its perfect for your room, and I’m sure you’ll be much happier with the color!!
    I’m really glad you and Jimmy had a nice restful weekend – you both deserve it.
    Love you with all my heart,

    1. I’m glad you guys could take the girls for a weekend! That was so sweet of you! I think its fun that you guys have minimal rules, and I know our pets love it haha!

      Thank you for the compliment on our new quilt! We are loving it! And the fact that Malcolm’s fur isn’t so noticeable on it ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Love you!

  4. Your bedroom looks so nice! It just has a very clean and minimal look–very classy. I wish we could have a dark (preferably black) bedspread, but our cat has light-colored hair and we like her sleeping on the bed with us, lol. It’s hard to enforce rules with Zelda because she simply doesn’t care and will do what she wants regardless, haha! With Kona, I’d say our biggest rules are that she sleeps in the crate at night and she’s not allowed to jump on us–especially not while we are eating dinner. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thank you Tialla!! So funny that we have the opposite problems with the bed spread colors mixing with pet fur colors! Oh the things we do for our pets!!

      I know what you mean about trying to enforce rules with cats. It always feels like a lost cause! The rules you have with Kona are great and will serve you guys so well in the future!!

  5. Yay for a weekend with the pups being spoiled at the grandparents! So glad you guys were able to have some good quality time and get some things done around the house. Your bedroom looks so great! Good luck holding strong to your no-pets-in-the-bedroom rule! You can do it!

    1. It was so nice to just have a weekend to relax without worrying about caring for the girls!! I didn’t know how much we needed it until we were experiencing it, hah!

      Thank you for the compliment on our bedroom! Also, we have stayed strong on the no-pets-in-the-bedroom rule so far! WOO!

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