More Ways We Save Money on Food

This is a sort of follow up to the top five ways we save money on food post that I blogged about over a year ago. I’ve changed some of my grocery shopping techniques, so I wanted to share what has been working for us!


The previous top five ways we saved money on food were:
1. Setting a budget
2. Meal planning
3. Shopping once per week
4. Using coupons
5. Visiting more than one store

Since that post, I no longer do two things on that list. I don’t coupon anymore and I don’t physically visit more than one store.

What changed?

1. I started shopping at Aldi around June of last year and haven’t looked back. Since beginning to shop at Aldi, we’ve been able to cut our weekly grocery bill down by over 30%.

Pumpkin spice ginger cookies

I’m not sure if everyone is familiar with Aldi, but it’s a grocery store that’s unique for a few reasons:

  • Aldi does not bag your food for you. If you want bags, you must buy them or bring your own. You can also use cardboard boxes that are in the store.
  • They don’t sell a lot of name brand items. Most of them items in Aldi are their own brands.
  • Aldi sells mostly weekly must-haves like bread, milk, meat, cheese, etc. This allows the store to be smaller in size, which saves money.
  • To use their carts, you have to have a quarter (which you get back). This saves the company money because they aren’t paying employees to retrieve carts.

2. Whatever I can’t buy from Aldi, I purchase on

I’ve found that I don’t love the Aldi brand dishwasher and laundry detergent. They also don’t have a huge selection of toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, and other personal items. Basically, I fill in the gaps with Jet. You can see my explanation of Jet in this post.


These two techniques have saved Jimmy and I a lot of money and hassle over the past six months! It has definitely taken some experimenting to figure out what works for us, but it has been worth it.

I’m sure I’ll be back again in the future with more tips and tricks as I continue to experiment with different approaches to grocery shopping 🙂

How do you save money on food?

P.S. This post isn’t sponsored in any way, shape, or form. It’s just me sharing what works for us!



  1. I love shopping at Aldi :). I wish we had one closer to us (the nearest one is still 30 minutes away, but I try to go when I’m on that side of town). I agree they have some great deals but I’ve always had to supplement with groceries from other stores in there, especially special items. I still coupon, especially lately, but we do a lot of shopping at Costco as well. Still, for perishable items (fruits, veggies) Aldi is the best bet for your money.

  2. This is such a great post, I know I’m one that spends a huge chunk of my money on food and I know I could save a lot more if I managed my spendings a little more closely. But one way I do try to save money on food is limit delivery and going out to eat…I’m with you on the meal planning though…I tend to make crock pot meals so that it last hopefully for the week (which it usually does) but one thing I would like to do is couponing. When I watch couponers on TV I’m just like amazed at the savings. It’s unbelievable! Very handy and relate-able topic!

    xo, JJ

    1. Thank you, Jenny! You probably save a ton when you limit delivery and going out to eat! I know that can eat up (ha, get it!) money so quickly. We try to limit going out as well, and it always makes it more special when we do get out for a date night!

  3. Aldi’s is my favorite grocery store! I love it when I can get HUGE heads of cauliflower, and fresh veggies for cheap. I also get rice there and sauces. I am not the biggest fan of their peanut butter, but it does in a pinch. I also shop at Wegmans for a few items if I want to make something special or want more “whole grain” things like pasta. Aldi’s is actually owned by the same people who own Trader Joes!

    1. Same here! Aldi for the win! Their prices on produce just can’t be beat! I heard that Aldi’s is owned by TJ’s. That’s so interesting to me!

      I love Wegman’s! The closest one to me is like two hours away at Penn State main campus. I used to go when I would visit my brother and I just so enjoyed it. It’s a neat grocery store for sure!

  4. I LOVEEEE Aldi!! I’m so sad though because they don’t have them in northern Cali, and that was my PLACE in the midwest. It saved me in college. I love how often their food selection of the small “fun” foods change so often too. It’s always fun to find out what they’ll have that day. And their produce was always just as good as the nearby Meijer. Glad to see someone else is a big advocate of that place 😉 My husband made fun of me for how much I loved it hahah.

    1. Aww, I’m so sorry there aren’t any Aldi in Northern Cali. I think I heard they have arrived in California, but I’m not sure which areas. I think LA?

      I also love that their fun foods change every single time I visit! No food ruts allowed with that type of constant switch up, haha.

      Oh, and my husband totally makes fun of my love for Aldi as well! I always remind him how much we’re saving by shopping there and he quiets down really quickly 😉

      1. Ahhh if I ever go to LA, I’m making a pit stop in Aldi! Haha. And YES – nooo food ruts. I love that about it so much. YEP- just keep showing them that receipt! I love that I can walk out of there with bags on bags on bags of groceries and have spent a 1/3 if not less of what I would at a big grocery store!

  5. It’s incredible how much money you can save by shopping at Aldi! They really do have such great prices!

  6. I went to an Aldi store for the first time yesterday — they have some really good things! I got a pack of paleo fruit and nut bars for my snacks, as I always get hungry in the afternoon. 😀 They’re similar to Nakd bars, but a lot cheaper! Have you ever tried any Aldi fruit bars?

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