Life Lately: Snapshot Style

Hi guys! I feel like it has been forever since I last posted, but it has actually only been a few days. I’ve been enjoying 2017 so far and wanted to share a life lately post in snapshots with short captions!


Jimmy took a picture of me in my photography zone. Man do I just love taking pictures, especially of people.


Button art has consumed my life in the very best way lately. I can do a separate post if anyone is interested πŸ™‚


I just realized the other day that Jimmy and I don’t take nearly enough pictures together. I’m on a quest to change that!


Baking challah makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside πŸ™‚


Speaking of baking, I practiced making a cake for Hannah’s bridal shower and Malcolm wanted a taste of the buttercream!


My mom and I spent the day together and ended up in Target. Dangerous!


Malcolm is cute. I found my new favorite t-shirt (At Target. Told you it was dangerous!). Had a lovely coffee date with Jimmy. Succulents are my favorite. I took Lola to the pet store and I’m not sure who enjoyed it more; me, Lola, or the employees?!

What would you life lately look like in snapshots?



  1. My day consists of being a manager [OH MY GOD WHAT?!] at my new job, trying not to burn the place down and attempting to answer questions. So essentially I am calm cool and collected you know? πŸ˜‰

  2. Omg that button art! So cool! You have more patience than I do, my friend. I would probably be done after about 5 buttons. πŸ˜‰
    Also, loooove that picture of you and Lola looking at each other. Adorable!

  3. I want to see more of your button art! And I love that you and Jimmy are taking more pictures together. And girl, you feel free to mail me that challah bread just any time. πŸ˜‰ Purim is coming up in March and that’s really the only time I make it anymore. I should make it more often!

    1. Okay! I’ll be sure to share more about the button art!

      I’d love to send you a big loaf of challah, haha! Purim is always a great time to make and eat it πŸ™‚ can’t believe it’s coming up already!

  4. The button art, how creative of you!!! What else have you designed with buttons? I love these kind of posts, I’m totally a visual person so seeing someone else’s life through pictures is such a fun way of getting to know that person. I totally forgot you’re making the bridal shower cake! How’s that coming along, are your trial and error’s helping?! What flavor are you making it?

    xo, JJ

    1. Thank you, Jenny!! I’ve only done letters on a canvas with the buttons, but I definitely want to try to make other stuff. Maybe I should go on Pinterest and look… but that’s dangerous haha. I fall down the Pinterest hole so quickly πŸ˜‰

      The bridal shower cake trials are going well!! I was nervous, but it has been so much fun for me to get creative in the kitchen! I’m going to post more pictures/updates soon! I’m thinking I’m going to make it vanilla with buttercream and I’m going to dye it purple ombre, if that makes sense!

  5. I’m interested in a button art post!

    You and Jimmy are such a good looking couple. You should take a picture together each month. Kevin and I (and Ava, for when she’s been around) have done that for the past few years and it’s neat to look back on them.

    Malcolm considers himself to be head of quality control. He wants to make sure that buttercream is top-notch.

    Target is dangerous. All day, everyday.

    1. I will definitely post about the button art! It’s pretty simple and relaxing to just sit and glue buttons on a canvas for an hour or two, haha.

      Thank you for the compliment! I love your idea to take a picture together each month! I know we would love to look back on the photos!

  6. Girl, you are just full of allll sortsa different talents!!!! How did you learn to use your camera? I have a DSLR and have no idea even where to begin. I’d love ANY tips! & yes, target is VERY dangerous!

    1. Awww, thank you Mackenzie! That is so sweet of you πŸ™‚

      For my camera, it has taken a lot of trial and error, Googling, going on Pinterest, and just goofing around with the settings on the camera!!

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