How I know he missed me + Mavis is getting big!

I’m not sure how, but another week has gone by since I last posted! It was quite an eventful week, as Jimmy was out of town from Tuesday through Saturday, I spent some time with my family, worked, and met my friend’s baby.

I dropped Jimmy off at the airport on Tuesday evening so he could fly to Las Vegas and meet his friends for a bachelor party. They visited Zion National Park, Sequoia National Park, and the Grand Canyon. He came home telling me I must go out west with him ASAP!

Sunset at Moro Rock in Sequoia National Park

A sunset snapshot Jimmy took at Sequoia National Park.

I really, really missed him while he was gone, but I’m so glad he had fun on his trip!

You know how I know he missed me? I got ready for church on Sunday while he was eating breakfast and asked his opinion on my shoes and how they went with my outfit. When he finished getting ready a little while later, he came out of the closet dressed in the same color as me, LOL.

Matching couple outfit

Jimmy thought it was so cool that we matched 🙂

My mom spent the night with me on Wednesday night and I spent the night with my parents on Thursday night while Jimmy was away. It was really nice to spend a good chunk of time with my family. Mavis and Lola enjoyed spending time at my parents’ house, too!

Mother and daughter

Comparing Mavis to my parents’ cocker spaniel, Brandy, made me realize just how big Mavis is getting! I’ve always thought her paws are pretty large, and wondered if she would be big. The fact that she isn’t even five-months-old and is almost the size of Brandy (who is four-years-old) is crazy!

Cocker spaniels

While at my parents’ house, I visited my friend Kim and met her son, Jackson! One thing I miss about living with my parents is how easy it was for Kim and I to hang out. She lives maybe two minutes from my parents.

We used to see each other at least a few times a week, and now that I’m on the other side of Pittsburgh, it’s a little more difficult to get together. It definitely makes it that much more special when we do see each other, though!

Baby with frog Wubbanub pacifier

Baby Jackson ❤

Life has been very busy lately, but it always feels so wonderful to take time to come to this space and document it all. I’ll be back again soon, with a post on some house projects Jimmy and I have been working on!

Tell me about your life lately!



  1. I’m so glad we were able to spend a couple of days together too!! Sorry Brandy was such a little witch toward Mavis 😡 No idea what to even say about that. I would love to come over sometime and see all of Jimmy’s pictures from his trip! I’m so glad he had a nice time~ he works so hard and really deserved a nice relaxing trips with friends!
    Love you beautiful~~

    1. I’m so glad we could spend time together, too! I’m sure Brandy and Mavis will keep getting better together! Please do come over soon, okay?! Jimmy would love to show you his pictures! Love you, mama!!

    1. He thought it was sooo cool! I thought it was cute that he thought it was cool. People totally noticed we matched but thought it was cute, so I was like okay! As long as we don’t do that for Christmas pictures or something I’m okay with it 😉

  2. It must have been strange to have the house to yourself, kind of the opposite of me! I am used to being by myself, so now that I come home to my roommates, it took some adjustment. I do love the quiet and solace of being alone sometimes. I wonder what it must feel like to be married and always with someone. Do you ever want time by yourself?

    1. It really was strange! Being married to Jimmy is great, and I honestly don’t find myself wanting to be alone too much. It’s surprising, as an introvert. I think it’s because I’m by myself all day while I work, so I usually am sooo happy to have someone home with me to talk to when he gets back from work!

  3. Baby Jackson is so tiny! I’ve been looking through our little one’s newborn photos lately for a project I’m working on and it’s amazing how much she has grown and changed just in the past 3.5 months. Oh my gracious, the time flies! *tears*

    Ahem, moving on…

    I’m glad Jimmy got to have fun with his friends (and that picture is amazing!) and that you got to spend some quality time with your parents and your friend. So good! And also adorbs that you guys were all matchy-matchy. 😉

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