The Lego Cake and Watercolor Art

Hi guys! It’s currently Monday afternoon and it’s raining. I have a bunch of laundry I need to fold before I take Mavis to her puppy training class in a few hours, but I feel like blogging instead πŸ™‚

I mentioned that I was making a Lego cake in my last post and promised to share how it went, so here it is!

Lego Birthday Cake

The cake was for my cousin’s birthday party, and since there were a little more than 30 people expected to be there, I decided to make another small cake just in case the Lego one wasn’t enough.

I was putting the finishing touches on the second cake at like 5:00 pm and we were leaving for the party at 6:30, so I didn’t have a chance to do a lot with it decoration-wise, but here’s the other cake.

Blue and white birthday cake for boy with rainbow sprinkles and birthday boy candle

The party was great, and it was so sweet to see my cousin check out his cake and just enjoy his evening with family and friends. He gave every single person a hug and said thank you after opening their gift. I have never met a 12-year-old boy that considerate and thankful!

After the busyness of the week, Jimmy and I were able to sleep in until almost 8:00 am on Saturday and it was amazing. We spent the day together and it was just what we needed.

We picked out a gift for my father-in-law’s birthday, bought Lola a new bed (which she promptly peed on about two hours later, lol), used a gift card at Bahama Breeze for lunch, and had Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Afterwards, I worked on a watercoloring project and mowed our neighbors lawn. Thankfully the yellow jackets that stung me last time seemed to be dormant!


I’m excited to show you guys the finished project! Basically, it’s going to be some watercolor art in 8×10 frames I picked up from Target a few weeks ago.

I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to buy art prints off of Etsy, have pictures printed, or make my own art. I decided to make my own watercolor art because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted and it was free πŸ˜‰

I don’t have too much else to report from the weekend, aside from the fact that Mavis is becoming a daddy’s girl!

Cocker Spaniel and guy playing video games

Tell me about your weekend!



  1. Your cakes are goals! I’m trying me hand at baking a cake for Alex and his twin’s birthday at the beginning of November and I wish it could turn out like either of yours did.

    1. Aww, thanks Maureen! I hope your cake goes well! Let me know if you have any questions!! And if all else fails, turn to Pinterest for tips! How neat that Alex is a twin!

      1. I will! I’ve been reading about how to frost a nice cake lol and it sounds like freezing the actual cakes for a bit helps to prevent crumbs. Hopefully it turns out well!

  2. Those cakes look awesome! You can never have too much cake so I don’t blame you to make two (besides, it keeps well in the fridge). Glad that you and Jimmy had a nice day together and it sounds like it was productive as well. My company gives us that same gift card each year and it has Bahama Breeze, but we always spend it at Longhorn because we don’t have that restaurant. It’s a nice cheap date to use a gift card!

    1. Thanks, Amy!! I figured it was better to be safe than sorry in terms of cake! How interesting that you don’t have a Bahama Breeze in your area, especially since it’s a big seafood-type restaurant! Longhorn is awesome, though, I’m sure! I am with ya on cheap dates with gift cards. Those are the best!

  3. Your cakes are so great! I’m always impressed with your baking skills! And I love that your cousin is such a sweet kid! πŸ™‚

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