Recent Projects

I promised I’d share some recent projects Jimmy and I have been working on, so here they are!

Project #1 is art for our living room.

When we painted our living room last year, we took everything off the walls and pretty much left them bare for the past year. It finally bugged me enough that I looked for some art to frame, but couldn’t find what I wanted, so I painted my own watercolor art.

WatercoloringBlue and gray hexagon geometrical watercolor art framed

I’m happy with how that little project came out! The only thing I would change would be to have bought 11×14 inch frames instead of 8×10. I think it seems a little bare because there isn’t much else on the wall near it. I’ll probably fill in more decor… in like two years 😉

Project #2 is decor for our bedroom.

Yeah, I’m still working on our master bedroom overhaul. For this project, I bought a mirror, picture ledge, hanging basket (which now holds dog treats to bribe Mavis into her crate when we leave), and two teal throw pillows.

Industrial gallery wall with galvanized mirror, wooden picture ledge, wire basket, and blue and gray accentsBlack cat on white bed

I like the decor we added to our bedroom, but I definitely want to add more. Maybe a few more pillows (Sorry, Jimmy! He’s so sick of moving pillows off the bed every night, haha) and either a bench at the foot of the bed or a little accent chair near the mirror/shelf/basket. We’ll see!

Have you worked on any projects lately?



  1. I love how you take your time and really think about exactly what you want and like~ that’s a hard thing to do, and def shows you have a gift of patience!! Your whole home ‘flows’ with its colors and decor, which I also love! It is so peaceful and serene☺️. We need to work together on my back porch and the new Sunbelievable Organic Spray Tanning room!! 😜 Someday…
    love you beautiful…
    Madre ❤️

  2. Decorating a space takes time! You seem to wait and make sure you really like what you are buying/making which is awesome. Tell Jimmy that throw pillows are a must on the bed. We have 5 pillows on our bed that have to be moved every night but they really add to the space!

  3. Your art looks lovely! 🙂

    Agree that a bench to stack the pillows at the foot of the bed would be a good idea. Or maybe you could get a wooden trunk/chest with a lift-up lid and storage space inside for extra blankets, sheets etc. 🙂

  4. It’s all looking so amazing! Your bedroom is especially really coming together so beautifully. Well done, friend! 🙂

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