Baking Eggshells and Dipping My Nose in Milk

I have some explaining to do with a title like that 😉

Let’s start with why I’ve been baking eggshells. So, a woman in my neighborhood makes homemade dog food and I decided to buy some for Lola. She loves it. I’ve even noticed that she has more energy on her daily walks.

Black dog with bandana walking on a leash

The homemade dog food definitely isn’t as cheap as kibble, so the woman suggested I use some of the homemade food and add in other foods like scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, and fruit. I started doing that, and then I bought a book about making homemade dog food and basically fell down a rabbit hole of research 🙂

I’ve dabbled in homemade dog food before, and  even shared a few recipes here on my blog, but never went as in-depth into analyzing the vitamins, minerals, etc. as I have lately, though.

From what I’ve learned so far, eggshell powder is a great source of calcium for dogs. Hence the reason why I’ve been hoarding egg shells, baking them, and pulverizing them in our blender!

Feed Your Best Friend Better By Rick WoodfordHomemade dog food with fruits and eggs

I will probably end up continuing to buy homemade food for Lola (I’m so happy to be able to support a local business here in Pittsburgh!) and also make some on my own. I’m having a lot of fun with it and Lola is definitely enjoying her new diet!

Black lab pitbull mix with homemade dog food

Now onto why I dipped my nose in milk.

I was making jalapeño orange chicken last week and I accidentally touched my nose after chopping jalapeños and it was burning within a few minutes. I tried to ignore the burning sensation, but to no avail.

After about fifteen minutes, I started to get desperate. I did some searching on Google and found that people who eat spicy food find relief from the burn by drinking milk. So my logical thought was to dip my nose in milk.

So I did. And it worked!

Have you found yourself doing anything unusual lately?



  1. I love hot sauce (I use it all the time) and when I put too much on my food, I always grab a glass of milk. So funny you had to use it for your nose.

    Have a great day 🙂

  2. I’m alllllll about this dog food!! Animals are just as sensitive as humans, and it makes me so sad that people don’t realize this and feed most of their pets such garbage.

    1. Yes, exactly! It’s crazy the stuff that is in dog/cat food. I’m so glad I can do this one thing for Lola! She’s done so much for me whether she knows it or not 😉

  3. Unusual hmm…yes, dipping your nose in milk is really out there…but I would have done it too, or cream cheese lol
    The most unusual thing I’ve done recently is shave my legs. I never do and it felt weird but niceeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Aww!! Look at the look on Lola’s face haha! You can see the excitement!

    When we first got Popcorn I fed him eggs all the time (but not the shells– didn’t think to do that!) I remember doing a lot of research into the whole dog food situation, but just didn’t have the patience to make it all on my own. That’s awesome that you have someone so close who makes it from scratch 🙂

    and LOL to your nose in milk. I can just picture it now….. 😀

    1. She is loving her homemade food!! I don’t know how much I’ll be able to keep up with it, but it is nice to know we have a neighbor who can stock us with some, haha. And dipping my nose in milk was so weird, but totally worth it since it worked!

  5. Lola is a funny dog i remember when I was sleeping over a your house Allie. And Lola came and was sniffing me until i woke. She probably was smelling Jasmine. and reminds me so much of her.

  6. I used to make homemade dog food for Oreo! I did it for nearly 2 years and it really wasn’t that difficult. The hardest part was when we traveled with him since his food was refrigerated. When he started having allergies the vet initially thought it was a food allergy (turned out to be dust mites, but we didn’t find that out for several more years) so we switched him to a limited ingredient dog food that is supposed to help with food allergies. Anyway, even though he doesn’t actually have any allergies to food, we’ve gotten used to the ease of store bought kibble, ha! So that’s what he gets now. But he did love the homemade stuff! I’m glad to hear that Lola is enjoying it! Oh, and we also used egg shells in his food!! 🙂

    I’m glad to hear that dipping your nose in milk helped!!

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