Four Words Per Picture


Breakfast with my babies.


Trying to fold laundry.


Conversations with my dad.


Malcolm in his stroller.


I loved making this.


Husband of the year.


Venison chili + corn muffins.

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  1. So years ago when Christopher and I came up with our chili recipe, we made it with venison because that’s what we had on hand at the time. So Christopher named it Bambi chili. Which is just the worst name ever, but somehow it has stuck even though we rarely make it with venison. Usually it’s beef. Or turkey. Or tonight it’s made with ground chicken breast (yup, it’s in the slow cooker for dinner tonight!). And yet “Bambi Chili” has stuck. 😉

    Also, that conversation with your dad made me laugh! I’ve had that same conversation with SO many people over the years, haha!

    1. I remember you posting a Bambi chili recipe! That is too funny!

      Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who has the “are you pregnant?!” conversations on a regular basis, haha!

  2. What! this is such an awesome post idea!!!! I may have to use it one day, will absolutely have to give a huge shout out to you for thinking of it! super cute blog, im glad i came across it!

    xo, JJ

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