Woah, that’s right. THREE. I have three recipes to share with you.

1. My personal recipe for carrot soup. Love this stuff. It’s a super simple recipe, too!carrotsoupcarrotsoup2

2. My favorite tuna sandwich recipe. It’s a guacamole tuna sandwich on pumpernickel bread. I don’t know how I came up with this. It’s super random, but don’t knock it till ya try it!tuna1IMG_5176IMG_5177

3. Strawberry Pop-Tart Muffins. I was at Jimmy’s house on Sunday after church and we decided to bake  muffins together, but didn’t have any chocolate chips or blueberries. So we resorted to making our own recipe by using strawberry Pop-Tarts to give the muffins some flavor. We also added a streusel topping. poptart1poptart2poptart3IMG_5165

What’s the best thing you’ve cooked or baked lately?


  1. How do you find time to cook all these delicacies?! I’m embarassed to say that I cannot remember the last time I cooked anything…but I get free gourmet entrees from work so I feel fortunate I don’t really have to. Recently I’ve had Spanakopita, Penne Carbonara and now I’m polishing off a Potato Knish. I think I’ll stick with the professionals cooking for me 😎

  2. I love avocado on my tuna sandwiches, but I’ve never tried mixing them! And those strawberry Pop-tart muffins are genius! My sister would totally love those (she’s obsessed with Pop-tarts, haha).

  3. I think it’s soooo cool you improvised using POP TARTS… everyone else would just go to the store and buy something, it says a lot about your creativity (and thriftiness) to just use what you have instead of going out and picking up something last minute. Plus the muffins look incredible!

  4. You are GENIUS for those muffins!!! Seriously amazing!

    Also, I have tuna in my lunch everyday and got called out on it yesterday by a new teacher I work with. Basically she was saying how bad it smells…deal with it!

  5. Woah, so I came here all excited about tuna + guac after reading your comment on my blog, and then you hit me with…Poptart MUFFINS? Holy COW. Those need to be in my life right now! I mean, I can eat a box of ’em plain, but hot, ooey gooey and in the middle of a muffin? Seriously about to drool right now.

  6. those muffins turned out so well! look at you girl! so resourceful! 😀

    and OH MAN! it has been so long since i have had pumpernickel ANYTHING! i used to loveeeeeeeeee pumpernickel bagels with cream cheese! that was my go-to breakfast! and yes! tuna and quac would be a fabulous combo!

    happy thursday, sweet Allie!

  7. Ohhh girrrlll I am all over that soup!! And those muffins, what a great idea!! The best thing I have baked/cooked this week was my CUPCAKES! YUMM!

  8. Those muffins!!! OMG. That’s like my childhood dream. You should link that fabulousness up to #strangebutgood. And then send me some with chocoalte-vanilla pop-tarts. 😉

  9. Whoa girl, I need to make those pop tart muffins, but with the nature’s path kind since the kellogs kind unfortunately have gelatin. So creative though :P!

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