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Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household. Ephesians 2:19


Hey there! School has been keeping my quite busy. On Monday and Wednesdays I am on campus from 11AM-5PM. Ick. I took this picture on Monday and i’m not sure how I managed to look so happy when I had many hours of lectures ahead of me…

Someone commented recently and asked if all of the pictures of my hair are natural. Yes, they are. Those are my natural, CRAZY, curls! I did absolutely nothing to my hair before I took this picture.

I took this picture on campus… it was a nice day and no one was walking by so I was a creeper 🙂



Chunky, lumpy, crab cakes!

I had an interesting dinner to go with these:

Other eats:

Apples with chocolate pb and crunchy pb



Other stuff:

I have been giving my knee a break from running. Enter: swimming.

I cut my leg shaving….


Have you ever cut yourself badly while shaving?!

Favorite brand of peanut butter/SSB?!



  1. Mmmhh, home fries! I haven´t had these for such a long time 🙂 And I want your collection of nut butters!! Looks amazing 🙂
    I cut myself every time I shave my legs, I am totally clumsy!

  2. Ouch! Shaving cuts always look really scary, but it’s usually a tiny cut. I remember being horrified the very first time I tried to shave my legs and they were suddenly covered in blood. I still nick myself from time to time 🙂

    I love the sculpture! College campuses are so pretty. And so are YOU!

  3. Haha, SO MUCH peanut butter! I LOVE it! I’ve only ever had TJ’s sunbutter, so it’s my fave. As for PB, I actually adore Kroger’s store brand all-natural PB. But I’ll eat just about any PB that crosses my path 😀 I’m a hopeless shaver–I think I just need to give up and let my knees go wild, because I simply can’t shave them without it being a murder-like disaster.

  4. I love the Cinnamon Raisin PB. That’s one of my faves along with White chocolate wonderful.

    I actually have a scar on my shin from shaving. Yours looks pretty bad too!

    It’s a good sign that you’re so happy at campus with your classes ahead of you, it really says something about your decision to leave Seton Hill… just sayin’.

  5. That crab cake dinner sounds like some of the weird combos I’ve been eating in my apartment haha! And dude your nut butter stash is LEGIT! Yummmm 🙂
    I actually cut myself shaving last night, it’s now covered with a snoopy bandaid heehee and favorite brand of nut butter is MaraNatha sunflower seed butta!

  6. I LOVE your hair and I am insanely jellybelly of those curls!

    I cut myself shaving all the time. The worst is when you don’t realize it and then you get blood everywhere. Awesome.

    I also wanted to say I know you are going through a huge transition right now but you are handling it like a champ! Seriously, I relate to so much of what you write these days I feel like we have ESP haha!

  7. I love your phone cover! Oh and I’m the creepy hair stalker lol, you are so lucky, its gorgeous. Your homefries look delish! I always cut myself shaving, isn’t it weird how you hardly realise at the time though!? That is the ULTIMATE nut butter collection! I’m a bit of a nut butter virgin flavour wise so will have to stick with palin old whole earth peanut butter 😉

  8. I thought it said you cut your knee while swimming! I was wondering how that could have happened. I cut myself really badly recently! I still have a scar from it.

    My favorite straight up peanut butter is smart balance creamy. I think it has molasses in it so the flavor is a little different but I love it!

  9. Such delicious-looking eats 🙂
    OMG – I want you haaaaaaaaair!
    I mean, WOW! These are some serious curls! Loveeeeeeeeeeed them 😀
    And sorry about your leg!
    I cut myself (accidentaly, of course!) yesterday, too. It hurt 😦
    Hope everything’s going smoothly, now 😀

  10. I love your hellokitty phone case! Wow you have so many peanut butter. You will probably be shocked, but I’ve never bought peanut butter. Which brand would you recommend? There were so many (just like how you have) and I couldn’t pick one! I just want one…for now. 🙂

  11. Oh my gosh, woman! How did you manage to cut yourself that bad?? Crazy. I’ve cut myself cut a few times and given myself plenty of razor burn so I can relate. Shaving sucks and I wish I could just laser hair removal all of it.

    PS. Love your hair too! You’re lucky to have natural curls. I have wanted to give myself curls but I’m a total dummy with a curling iron. It’s unfortunate.

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