Strawberry Cakes, Strawberry Sky

Strawberry Sky:

Strawberry Cakes: (Plus blueberries & bananas!)

With all of that strawberry in my life you know I was bound to have a good day yesterday 😉

I did! Yesterday was my ‘long’ day at school. That included math, intro to human disease, and American studies.

But I got through it AND swim practice. (I did good at swim, probably because I sklipped so much this week–> I was well rested!!) Then I came home and cooked breakfast for dinner:

I ❤ our griddle that my brother bought our parents for Christmas this year.

Eggs & stuff 😉 Yes, I do use the yolks. Can someone tell me why everyone is afraid of using egg yolks? Please?

Bible Verse of the day:

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Galatians 6:7


My school actually called in a 2 hour delay *gasp* so I shall be a busy woman this morning!

Are you a proud owner of a griddle?

Do you cook or bake with egg yolks?


  1. Wow, I love that verse from the Bible. And that sunrise is truly a gift! I always feel so lucky when I see things like that (maybe not as escited as the rainbow guy on youtube, but you know what I mean!).

    And I always use the yolks too! Best part!

  2. I don’t eat eggs often but when I do I always use the yolks. It seems like such a waste and yes, I know you could go buy those cartons of egg whites but the yolks still get thrown away for them too! Besides, the yolks are delicious and egg whites by themselves are boring.

    I wish I were the proud owner of a griddle! Unfortunately I’m not.

  3. I always use the yolks, unless a recipe calls for “just whites”. I’m not a huge egg fan, but might as well have the whole thing if you’re gonna eat it, huh?
    I love the griddle your brother bought us for Christmas — it’s the perfect size for our family! 🙂
    Love ya,
    madre ❤

  4. Those pancakes look great! I used to avoid yolks thinking that they were full of fat, but first, they’re not! And second, they are so good for you!

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