Weekend stuffs

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope your weekend has been splendid so far! This weekend was my last full weekend home before SCHOOL STARTS! I wanted to make the best of it but on Friday I caught a nasty cold.

Wearing a hoodie in August = no good.

I still decided to have a fun weekend though!

Raspberry banana smoothie + soy protein

School clothes shopping with the sis (like my phone case?! LOLZ)

Saturday afternoon was spent with Jimmy at the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History

THEENNN we headed somewhere very cool…

Wahooooo! Yum ­čÖé


That is all I have for ya today! I’m headed off to church soon and then relaxing all day. Tomorrow I may post a few college things (dorm stuff, books, etc!) and Tuesday I head to the doctor about the vegetarian issue.

What did you do this weekend?

Favorite TJ’s product?


On Tuesday I was feeling a little off. The foods I normally eat (besides peanut butter) didn’t taste good. I felt sluggish and sad. I think it may have been post long weekend blues?

I made a strawberry/blueberry/raspberry smoothie and it didn’t taste good. (What the heck?!?) So I added peanut butter. Then it tasted like pb&j. Kinda cool.

I spent some time on my back porch reading before work. It felt like summer ­čÖé

The Doctor’s Wife is considered a psychological thriller. It really is intense! I am enjoying it a lot especially because the book is written about the town where my mom grew up [Gloversville, NY] ┬áso I know all of the places the author talks about and I feel so connected.

I was in such a funk on Tuesday that I broke my favorite dish.

It had been holding broccoli and corn bread. (Yeah.. Chili in June..) I ate the broccoli w/o washing it and got another hunk of corn bread. I was legit sad about the dish.

I have been looking through all my foodie pictures and I notice a lot of drinks..

A frozen latte after my race victory on Sunday. Spoiled.

I noticed in the summer that I mostly drink all of my calories. I drink smoothies, thick creamy coffee drinks, and juice. I also eat liquid foods like watermelon, ice cream, yogurt and pureed soup. Interesting!


I didn’t follow my coach’s plan and run 4 miles today. I didn’t run any miles because my legs were sore and my knee hurt. No shame, no shame!

My mom, sister, and I are going to look a bathing suits tonight for our cruise in 11 days. (!!!) Jim is home sick from work so please pray for him to feel better, poor little guy :/.


Do you drink your calories in the summer?