slow cooker chicken

Nearing the end

I’m nearing the end of the spring semester! I love looking back through my old posts and seeing the random pictures and things I had to say around the end of each semester. This post is no different. Humor me, my brain is tired.


I’ve been giving Lola fruits and vegetables as snacks lately and she loves them. Like mother, like daughter.


So, Felix has this habit of climbing on everything. Which reminds me of when Lily (my family’s other cat) was a kitten. I looked through some of my old posts and found these gems…



Oh Lily!

Also, when I typed in “cat climbing” into my blog’s search box, it came up with this post, which included a picture of Jimmy climbing a tree. Haha. I had to share.


Because I haven’t shared enough pictures of my pets, here’s another.


Well, this post hasn’t included food yet. It’s time.


My mom took me out to lunch on Friday (thanks mom!), and I ordered a delicious veggie wrap, along with an iced latte.

Then I drank my mom’s coffee. Then I bought a coffee. Then I had too much energy and cleaned the whole house. I think it was my mom’s master plan. She got me caffeinated because she knew I would clean.

This post is random enough, so I’m going to stop now. I have two recipes to share soon! One is for sweet cornbread (aka my favorite food, next to peanut butter) and the other is for a slow cooker chicken soup. Yum.

What are you up to this weekend? 


Hey hey. Happy April!

I love this month for a few reasons. School is almost over for Penn State, the temperature is beginning to warm up (ha..), the birds are chirping, and this April Jimmy and I celebrate 4.5 years of dating.



I want to share two recipes today.

First up, Southwestern Slow Cooker Chicken. This recipe is so simple and flavorful.


If you have a slow cooker, I recommend giving it a try. You won’t be disappointed! This recipe can also be doubled to feed large crowds. I can vouch for this because my mom and I made a double batch this weekend to feed my whole  family, Jimmy, and my brother’s fiance.


The above picture should give a clue as to how simple the recipe is!

The second recipe I want to share is Triple Chocolate Nutella Cookies.


I made a batch of these on Friday and packaged some up to give to Jimmy as an Easter gift. The rest stayed at my house and are almost gone 😉


 I bake with love ❤


That’s pretty much all I have to say today. I’ve just been working on homework and hanging out with my little sister because she has this whole week off of school for spring break.

I’ve also been playing with Felix! He’s fitting in with our family very nicely and we all love his outgoing personality.

 felixDo you love the month of April?