Nearing the end

I’m nearing the end of the spring semester! I love looking back through my old posts and seeing the random pictures and things I had to say around the end of each semester. This post is no different. Humor me, my brain is tired.


I’ve been giving Lola fruits and vegetables as snacks lately and she loves them. Like mother, like daughter.


So, Felix has this habit of climbing on everything. Which reminds me of when Lily (my family’s other cat) was a kitten. I looked through some of my old posts and found these gems…



Oh Lily!

Also, when I typed in “cat climbing” into my blog’s search box, it came up with this post, which included a picture of Jimmy climbing a tree. Haha. I had to share.


Because I haven’t shared enough pictures of my pets, here’s another.


Well, this post hasn’t included food yet. It’s time.


My mom took me out to lunch on Friday (thanks mom!), and I ordered a delicious veggie wrap, along with an iced latte.

Then I drank my mom’s coffee. Then I bought a coffee. Then I had too much energy and cleaned the whole house. I think it was my mom’s master plan. She got me caffeinated because she knew I would clean.

This post is random enough, so I’m going to stop now. I have two recipes to share soon! One is for sweet cornbread (aka my favorite food, next to peanut butter) and the other is for a slow cooker chicken soup. Yum.

What are you up to this weekend? 


  1. I love veggie wraps! A place by my house sells them with a cashew spread and it’s probably one of my favorite things to buy! The picture of Jimmy is hilarious hahaha. And the picture of your cats on the screen door looks like something I would find on stumbleupon or crazy cat pictures lol!

  2. Your climbing kitty—too cute :)! This weekend, have some running on the agenda. Need to get in a LSD run for my half marathon training, and then I have a 10k tomorrow. Good thing the weather is gorgeous!!

  3. Haha, I totally cracked up reading about you cleaning the house after having too much caffeine! 🙂
    I mowed my lawn today, ‘cos it’s long enough to bug me, but my real weekend isn’t until Tues/Weds when I will going to my sister’s house to watch Love&Honour.

  4. Your cat is so energetic! Mine is getting up there in age and rather that climbing…he surprises us with where he decides to pee :-X

  5. That wrap looks super tasty! You did drink a ton of coffee with it though, no wonder you were hyper and cleaned the whole house. I would’ve too, I guess I know what to do the next time my house needs cleaning :). Looks like you’ve had fun lately!

  6. It’s hard to believe the spring semester is almost over. It feels like it was just winter…well really it was but I don’t know, it doesn’t feel like november was nearly 6 months ago! Your cats are adorable…I’m such a cat lover LOL.

  7. HAHAHA I DIED at those cats climbing pictures!!! That is awesome. I clean the house when I get too much energy too, or when I get mad. It’s my calm down time haha.

  8. Yay for it being the end of the semester! I know you’ve worked really hard this semester, so I am sure it will feel nice to have a break. The pictures of your cats are cracking me up! My cats aren’t big climbers, but my mom’s one cat can jump really high. He once jumped from my floor to the top of my closet (about 6 ft.) and used his front arms to pull himself on top of the shelf in my closet. I was very impressed!

  9. I’ve never been so excited to be done with school in my life I don’t think. We can get through these last few weeks!

  10. Good luck with the end of the semester dear! Summer is just around the corner!

    ps. your cat is awesomeeee! literally can climb walls! love it!

  11. Oreo loves fruits and veggies! Every time I am chopping something up in the kitchen, he is right there sitting at my feet looking up at me for a bit that flies off the cutting board (or the end of something that we’re not going to eat). His favorites are carrots and apples! 🙂

  12. Your in the clear my friend – the end of this semester is in sight! LOL I can’t stop laughing at the pictures of Felix and Lily!!!! That was definitely your moms master plan, caffeinate you so that you’d clean…. 😉

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