roasted chicken

Frozen hair

Swimmer problem #428: frozen hair in cold weather.

2014-11-19 07.30.39

True life! I swam at the gym this morning and walked out with wet hair. The temperature in Pittsburgh was 1* with the windchill, and the one-minute walk to my truck induced my swimmer problem. Fun times 😉


Recent eats

Some recent eats:

Caramel Nut Brownie Luna Bar… it was pretty good!

Dinner one night … sloppy Joe’s and sweet potato fries.

Cinnamon on top!

 An apple with… more cinnamon. I guess I’ve been craving it lately?

Fried egg! I ❤ the yolk

 Roasted chickens

Hot chocolate + whipped cream!

 Chocolate protein + soy milk

Other food related picture:

I was rushing around before school one day while baking peanut butter granola. Just before I left, I brushed my teeth and noticed I had peanut butter smeared on my face. Good times.

Then I had this conversation with Jimmy:

I guess he has realized that peanut butter is my addiction?


What food are you “addicted” to?