Mud run


Hannah, Kim, and I competed in Pittsburgh’s Gladiator Rock’n Run 5k on Saturday. We got so muddy and beat up! Here are some pictures…

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Cinder block burpees. Not real life.

Rope and wall climbing and tire lunges. Also not real life.

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We had to carry a huge log!

Crawling through mud under barbed wire. I was so nervous I was going to rip my shirt or pants!

Fire jumping at the finish!


My thoughts on the race:
-I thought I broke my elbow at one point. I’m not even exaggerating. We went down a huge slip ‘n slide, and I hit my elbow on a rock and was in tears. I have a huge bruise on the inside of my elbow and I’m still babying it.
-We had a lot of fun, and my cheeks hurt from laughing so much!
-Hannah and I keep finding bruises all over our legs and arms because the course was so rough!
-Just like MuckFest in May, I didn’t want to do this race, but I’m really glad I did.

Mud run

Hi there :] I just want to say thank you, sooo much to everyone who commented on my blog post yesterday about my little college ‘dilemma’. It made me so happy that so many people would give me advice and honestly care 🙂 It makes me love the blog world even more.

I will definitely take everyones advice into consideration and will let you all know what I decide 😀

Yesterday I went for a run.

Yesterday I went for a mud run!!!!

I didn’t plan on going for a mud run. It just happened!

For the first time since summer I headed (with my sister and mom) to Northmoreland Park which is about 20 minutes from my house.

It’s pretty, right?! The park has a lake and around the lake is a trail. Which happened to be muddy.


Their were some huge puddles. So I channeled my inner Jamie and just ran straight through em like a wild wilderness girl :]

It was the perfect spring evening to run and it reminded me of this scripture.

Like a muddied spring or a polluted well 
   are the righteous who give way to the wicked. Proverbs 25:26

I was able to run about 6 miles and I just felt like I was running weird. Do you ever feel like you are running like… oddly? I had one of those days ;p

I came home famished. DINNER.

Vegetarian chili (in my peter rabbit bowl, LOL) steamed broccoli, homemade corn bread, and grape juice in a coffee mug. I drink all of my drinks in coffee mugs… 🙂

Happy Friday 🙂 I am off to walk Lola and then head off to school. Jimmy is camping this weekend so it looks like I won’t have any distractions from my homework. Besides the 10k I am running tomorrow!!!!

Do you ever feel like you are running weirdly?

Do you eat/drink out of weird bowls/cups?

Ever go for a mud run?!