Hannah, Kim, and I competed in Pittsburgh’s Gladiator Rock’n Run 5k on Saturday. We got so muddy and beat up! Here are some pictures…

1 2 3
Cinder block burpees. Not real life.

Rope and wall climbing and tire lunges. Also not real life.

5 67 8
We had to carry a huge log!

Crawling through mud under barbed wire. I was so nervous I was going to rip my shirt or pants!

Fire jumping at the finish!


My thoughts on the race:
-I thought I broke my elbow at one point. I’m not even exaggerating. We went down a huge slip ‘n slide, and I hit my elbow on a rock and was in tears. I have a huge bruise on the inside of my elbow and I’m still babying it.
-We had a lot of fun, and my cheeks hurt from laughing so much!
-Hannah and I keep finding bruises all over our legs and arms because the course was so rough!
-Just like MuckFest in May, I didn’t want to do this race, but I’m really glad I did.


  1. I’m glad you had fun doing the race and hope the soreness goes away soon! That’s really awesome that you girls all did it, but def. take care of those bruises, yikes.

    It must be really cold there! I can’t believe you guys are wearing running pants (or maybe this is bc of the rough course?). I think I wore pants for maybe 3 runs total last winter, lol.

    1. I hope the bruises go away soon, too! I really thought I broke my elbow, haha. UGH!

      It was in the 40s when we woke up, but warmed up to the 70s. So, the pants were for warmth in the AM and the rough course!

  2. I have yet to do a “fun” race (although some may not call the gladiator/warrior/mud runs fun :P). I need to find some friends who actually like doing this stuff first 😛

  3. I would have broken more than my elbow looking at these pictures! GO GIRL! And I really wish I could do one of these sometime in the future, but seriously, I am such a clutz it’s almost impossible! lol

    I would be so afraid to scratch my head on the barbed wire!

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