2012 Takeoff Memorial 5k/10k

On Saturday my mom, sister, Jimmy, and I headed out to St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA to run a 5k (for mom & Hannah) and a 10k (for me).

Hannah and I ran this race last year and it meant so much to us to do it again this year. The race was in honor of PA State Trooper Kenton Iwaniec who was killed in 2008 by a drunk driver.Trooper Iwaniec’s family created the Takeoff Memorial 5k/10k to honor DUI victims, raise awareness about impaired driving, and to encourage the community to have a positive influence in the reduction of impaired driving.

All of the proceeds from the race go towards the purchase of breathalyzers for the PA State Police & other enforcement agencies. I love that the Iwaniec family took a really sad situation and turned it around, into something positive.


Last year the race was very rainy, windy, and cold. This year the race was only overcast and it was fairly warm– in the mid 50’s!

My 10k resultsTime: 44:43 (7:13 pace) Place: 1st in the 15-19 age group and 13th overall.

Hannah’s 5k results- Time: 26:42 (8:37 pace) Place: 5th in 15& under age group and 112 overall.



Running plans

Well hello hello and welcome to WEDNESDAY! —-> I just typed that and it sounded so overly perky and annoying that I decided to keep it as my intro haha. Sorry 😉 [I do talk like that in real life occasionally-eek]

I feel as if I haven’t talked much about running on my blog lately and I guess it was for a reason. I didn’t really have any plans for completing a race. I have still been running (20-35 mile weeks) and I’ve been trying to work out a racing schedule. Yeah, it’s been fun. I was looking into running a 20 mile race in February, an 30k in March, various 5k’s/10k’s in April and a marathon in June. 

Mostly, I want to run a marathon, so that is what i’m going to focus on! DUH. If I follow a 18 week training plan, that mean’s i’ll start training for the June 2nd marathon in the last week of January. I want to follow the training plan as closely as possible and some of the winter races i’m looking into just don’t match up with the plan/milage. You win some, you lose some (literally…).

The toughest part about running in January-June is the crazy Pittsburgh winter/spring weather for long runs!

So it looks like I am going to be running a half in March (like I did last year.)I’ll also be running a lot of 5k’s/10k’s in April and a marathon in June. That is the plan, if I don’t get injured!

As my road racing season gets closer I will be posting a more exact schedule of all the races i’ll be doing. For now I will leave you with my 2011 year end report from Daily Mile. 


How do you deal with the inclement weather for long runs?!