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Five Small Businesses I’m Loving

I absolutely love supporting small businesses. Ever since opening my Etsy shop, I’m even more obsessed with shopping small. If there’s something I need, I try to find it locally, handmade, on Etsy, etc. instead of via a “big box” store.

I want to regularly share small businesses that I have personally bought items from and adore! If you have a small business that you enjoy, please share a link in the comments! I’m always looking for someone to support and I’ll try and gather recommendations in one post or page soon 😊

Five Small Businesses I’m Loving

DebianThreads This is an Etsy shop with a unique collection of handmade bags and other sewed items, many of which are crafted from limited materials and re-purposed finds.

Each piece is like functional artwork, with mixed patterns, colors, and textures. I have a purse and essential oil travel case from this shop and both are high quality and so useful!

Essential oil travel case from Etsy