Hannah’s Graduation Party

Our family celebrated Hannah’s high school graduation, 18th birthday, and her and Josh’s engagement all in one day. Whew! It was such a fun celebration.

Also, Hannah’s decorating skills are on point. My parents’ backyard looked like a Pinterest board by the time she was done decorating.

Hannah Grad Party Candy BarCards

Between Hannah’s friends, church family, and extended family from New York, my parents had 80 people at their house on Saturday. Though it was hot, humid, and stormy throughout the day, we didn’t let the weather stop us from having a great time.

Jimmy and I arrived a couple of hours early, and after I finished frosting cupcakes, I designated myself as the photographer for the day.

We ate Italian food, jumped on the trampoline, took turns holding babies, admired Hannah’s engagement ring, took a million pictures, and talked into the late evening.

Cupcake frosting

I had a lot of extended family asking me to take their pictures, which made me so excited. My cousin had a baby in June, so I was beyond pumped to take her picture, feed her, and snuggle as much as possible.

Cutest BabyMom and her sisterBonfire

The party ended with a bonfire and smore’s, the perfect ending to any party if you ask me 😉

All in all, it was a beautiful day full of spending time with loved ones and celebrating Hannah and the accomplishments she has achieved through Christ. Congrats, Hannah!



Isn’t it the truth?! Everything works out in life because God is in charge. If you trust him life becomes so much easier. 🙂


Time for a picture of  Spiderman Lily

Honestly.. she is too funny!

I feel like i’m becoming one of those “crazy cat ladies” because I keep posting pictures of my family’s new kitten but she is just cray cray!


Anyways. On to the title of my post! 2 weeks ago I gave my 2 week notice to my manager at work. I am now a free woman after 5PM!

My family currently has my cousin from New York staying with us for about 2 weeks. I can finally go places with my family and cousin because I don’t have to work! We aren’t going any where far, but mostly showing her some fun stuff around the Burgh’. It is kind of like a staycation for me so i’m pretty excited to see what is in store.

I photographed my sister and cousin Molly:

They requested to be jumping for our little photo shoot!


Recent eats:

Cherry Larabar @ work. It was so sweet!

Chobani + granola = <33

Spaghetti/pasta night! I even purchased some vegetarian meatballs! My sister likes pasta and I like spaghetti much better. My whole family is split on the pasta/spaghetti debate LOL

Blueberry muffins

Banana w/ pb. I try to like this but it always makes me feel sick so I eat the pb and banana seperately. Strange.

Huge hazelnut iced coffee 🙂 (and a messy kitchen!)


Do you prefer spaghetti or other types of pasta? 

Do you eat your spaghetti/pasta on a plate or in a bowl? (Idk why I like it in a bowl!)