Cafe Lola

Recent eats

Hey! Time for some recent eats.


Hot cocoa + whipped cream

Oatmeal raisin cookie

Strawberries + whipped cream

Starbucks (w/ Jimmy) I got a soy peppermint mocha —> typical 😉

Spaghetti + Meatballs


Spanish-Spiced Qunioa


Other Meals

Burger & fries

Black bean and chicken quesedilla

Cashew-chicken salad

Chicken, mac & cheese, broccoli

Salmon salad (I’ve been eating at a local cafe a lot this week… the TV show “Dance Moms” is based out of my town and I saw two moms from the show at the cafe on Wednesday LOL)


Oatmeal with honey and cinnamon. Hard boiled egg with a runny yolk.

What’s the best thing you’ve ate this week?


Hello there and happy Tuesday!  My great grandpa used to say “Hello there!” every time I went to visit him in upstate NY. Good memories :).


Monday was a chill day for me. Very spectacular. I woke up and ran on the dreadmill.

Not too shabby for the dreadmill. I’m hoping to get outside to run at least once this week though!

Another running blurb: Last week I ran 28 miles!

Looking back through my Daily Mile account, I don’t know the last time I ran 28 miles in one week. That might seem pathetic to a high mileage runner like Hollie, who runs 80 mile weeks, but I’m happy with myself. Baby steps after injuries are key!


After running, I helped my mom grocery shop because she is sick and needed some extra help & I love going to the grocery store. She treated me to lunch at our new favorite cafe after grocery shopping.

We both had salads. Momma had the house salad and I had the candied cashew salad with balsamic vinaigrette. 

Of course I had to get coffee too 😉

After lunch we headed home. (we were going to try to do some Christmas shopping, but she didn’t feel well-bummer!) I walked Lola and just relaxed for a while. Then we began preparing dinner: stuffed peppers!

I just added the stuffed peppers recipe to my recipe page along with stuffed cabbage and coconut curried chicken.


And now time for a happy moment:

I made the Dean’s List at Penn State for having a 3.8 GPA for the fall semester. My hard work payed off 😀 Huzzah and praise God! I couldn’t have done it without Him 🙂