Hello there and happy Tuesday!  My great grandpa used to say “Hello there!” every time I went to visit him in upstate NY. Good memories :).


Monday was a chill day for me. Very spectacular. I woke up and ran on the dreadmill.

Not too shabby for the dreadmill. I’m hoping to get outside to run at least once this week though!

Another running blurb: Last week I ran 28 miles!

Looking back through my Daily Mile account, I don’t know the last time I ran 28 miles in one week. That might seem pathetic to a high mileage runner like Hollie, who runs 80 mile weeks, but I’m happy with myself. Baby steps after injuries are key!


After running, I helped my mom grocery shop because she is sick and needed some extra help & I love going to the grocery store. She treated me to lunch at our new favorite cafe after grocery shopping.

We both had salads. Momma had the house salad and I had the candied cashew salad with balsamic vinaigrette. 

Of course I had to get coffee too 😉

After lunch we headed home. (we were going to try to do some Christmas shopping, but she didn’t feel well-bummer!) I walked Lola and just relaxed for a while. Then we began preparing dinner: stuffed peppers!

I just added the stuffed peppers recipe to my recipe page along with stuffed cabbage and coconut curried chicken.


And now time for a happy moment:

I made the Dean’s List at Penn State for having a 3.8 GPA for the fall semester. My hard work payed off 😀 Huzzah and praise God! I couldn’t have done it without Him 🙂


  1. I probably run 80 miles in a month sometimes. But not this month, bleh for wisdom teeth. Heck I’ll be lucky if I run 28 miles this month most likely! Bike it is for me…

    Congratulations on making the Dean’s List, especially with your super hard classes and everything you went through with the other college back in August. Glad it paid off for you!

  2. You are a smarty pants! And a hotty pants, too! Get out of the oven girl! Hot! LOL.

    Your mileage is awesome to a non-runner. Don’t ever forget that! I DO mean awesome. And when I mean awesome I mean I think y’all are nuts. LOL.

    PS- I love saying Hello there, too!
    (I actually just wrote a post that started with that. Coinkydinky!

  3. 28 miles is no joke!! I can’t wait til I’m running that much again! Though baby steps after the injury is important, just like you said. I’m hoping for 11 this weeek!

  4. Yesterday I was looking at the peppers and wanted to get one to stuff, but I wasn’t sure what recipe to use. Any idea how to make substitutions for a vegetarian?

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