Off We Go + Understanding Your Kids’ Needs at Every Age

If you’re reading this on Friday afternoon, Jimmy and I are off on a little one-night getaway and I am so pumped. On Valentine’s Day, Jimmy told me to check my email. I looked at my inbox and there was a notification for a reservation at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort for this weekend.

I’m excited to spend a night away and just relax with Jimmy. My mom is watching Sadie and the pets (she is a brave woman) at our house–thanks mom!!

While I’m away, my friend Kristin over at Parenting With Kris has a lovely post to share here for those with kids to enjoy. Thanks, Kristin!

Understanding Your Kids’ Needs at Every Age

Mom kissing baby

We all want our kids to be healthy, but meeting their needs can feel like a moving target. As our children get older, the support they need to live healthy lives changes with them. Living My Full Life offers some great insight you can use to help your kids live their best life at every age.

Good Nutrition

A well-balanced diet that consists of whole-grains, fruits, vegetables and lean protein are also crucial for every stage of life

Learning and Discovery

A whole world of learning awaits your little ones, and from birth children are taking in everything they can.

Independence and Life Skills

It starts when they’re toddlers, but children often become eager for their independence. However, that needs to be balanced out with necessary life skills.

The ability to meet your kids where they are is an essential parenting tool. By using these resources, you’ll be able to confidently support your child at every stage. With the right encouragement, your little one is sure to thrive!

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    1. We had a great little trip and the resort featured toiletries by Molton Brown (which is based in England, I believe?) and I thought of you. Have you heard of the brand?!

      1. It sounds lovely! Yes, Molton Brown was founded in London and they’re a popular brand in the UK. I’ve used their products before — there’s a Molton Brown shop in my city 🙂

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