How To Make Your House Smell Horrible

Here’s my step-by-step guide to making your entire house smell really bad!

Step one: Obtain a plastic cupcake carrier and bake some cupcakes. The photo below is my carrier of choice.

Plastic cupcake carrier

Step two: Share your cupcakes with family. Bring the carrier home and be too lazy to wash frosting residue off it right away.

Step three: Leave the carrier out until your food monger Siberian Husky starts to lick it in the middle of the night.

Step four: Hide the cupcake carrier in the oven from said food monger.

Step five: Forget about the cupcake carrier. A few days later, preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Melted cupcake carrier

Step six: About thirty minutes after turning your oven on, realize that you smell something. Remember that you left the cupcake carrier in the oven. Have a look in the oven. A puff of smoke should greet you.

Step seven: Realize the cupcake carrier is melted and savor the horrible aroma within your home for a few hours. It should induce a whopper of a headache.

Oven rack with melted plastic

Melted plastic on oven rack

Step eight: Spend $77 on new oven racks.

Step nine: Vow to always wash the dishes before bed.

Tell me your latest kitchen mishap!



  1. Ha, ha, ha!!!! You had me laughing from the moment I read the title. I absolutely LOVE your ability to find the humor and laugh. I hate when things like that happen, but laughing about it is wayyyyy better than freaking out. πŸ™‚
    Hmmmm, latest kitchen mishap…
    So I made a horrible, new recipe that really ended up being a wreck; and Brady commented that dinner smelled disgusting.
    Nate: “Brady! That’s not respectful! Your mother is working really hard to make you a nice fish dinner!”
    Me: “It’s chicken.”
    Nate: “Oh….”
    Ha, ha, ha!!!!
    He felt SO bad that he thought my chicken smelled like fish, but it really did. It was NOT a good dinner, and we ended up ordering pizza. Ha, ha!

    1. I’m so glad I could make you laugh! Your story made me feel so much better about mine! I’m not the only one with kitchen mishaps! I shared your story with Jimmy and he was cracking up, too!

  2. Step Eight: take the melted carrier to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and explain that its a 3D rendering of a Salvador Dali painting. See if they’ll put it on display and make you rich and famous

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