Library Fix, Work, and A Recipe

Sadie and I got our library fix while we were at my parents’ house! Their local library opened, so we hightailed it over there to read and check out some books. 

Mom and daughter reading at library

Toddler reading books at library

In the evening, my dad and I got some work done for the family business.

We sat out on the back porch with my dad’s laptop and I was thinking about what a blessing it is to take work outside and to be able to call my family members co-workers. God has been so good to me.

Father and daughter

Dad was focused to the max, lol.

Speaking of family, my sister was texting me last week and asking if I had any dinner ideas. I sent her my recipe for sweet and sour chicken (which I completely forgot about until I looked on my recipe page for ideas) and she made it and loved it!

She even sent me a picture, which totally has me craving sweet and sour chicken. Thanks a lot, Hannah 😉

Sweet and sour chicken with rice and broccoli

In other news, I’m starting to make a packing list for when we go camping this summer and I realized just how much you have to pack to go camping. 

We also put Sadie in the back of her baby carrier to see how she would like that if we go hiking and she seemed to enjoy it… for a few minutes, haha. 

Toddler in baby carrier on back

I can’t wait to see what she thinks of camping. Jimmy and I both went camping a lot when we were growing up, so we have wonderful memories of being out in the woods, making s’mores, and sleeping under the stars. 

Have you been camping? Do you enjoy it?

What’s something I can’t forget to pack?



  1. I loved going to the library with you and Sadie!! She is so much like you with her love of books and reading!
    I do remember the daunting task of packing for camping, but it was worth it for sure.
    Def remember plenty of bottled water, and plenty of ice for your cooler- maybe even an extra cooler with just ice (I recommend a yeti). Firewood!! Easy and quick breakfast foods, and healthy snacks for energy 🥳 also – take tons of pictures and relax!!

    1. We loved going to the library with YOU! Thanks for coming along with us bookworms 😉

      I have so much respect for all the packing you did for three kids and two adults when we went camping… whew! It’s a lot!

    1. It definitely felt amazing to be able to go to the library, even if it was almost an hour away, near my parents’ house haha. I’ll take any library I can get! I hope you get to go this summer!

  2. Camping is one of those things I like better in theory than reality. Like having a picnic on the beach (sand everywhere!). I’m not much of a camper myself – I joke that my idea of camping is a Holiday Inn. Which kind of makes me sound like a hotel snob and I guess I kind of am. My Hotel & Restaurant Administration degree is to blame for that probably.

    Anyway, I look forward to reading about your adventures camping!! Eat a few s’mores for me!

    1. Haha, I know what you mean! It’s not my first choice for a vacation, but Jimmy really wanted to go, so camping we will go, lol! I feel like you could do a whole series on interesting things you’ve learned from your degree!! I read a book about the hotel industry a few years ago and it was so fascinating!

      I think I can manage to eat a few s’mores for you 😉

  3. Camping = going to my parents Condo in Steamboat Colorado. Honestly I am not a fan of sleeping on the ground, I like to have control of the temperatures (central AC & Fan), and while I like to be outside I prefer to eat inside. Is there a reason for your camping trip or are you just wanting to give Sadie the experience??

    1. Your version of camping sounds dreamy, Lindsay! To be honest, I am the same way… I like a bed and a consistent temperature, haha! We’re going camping because Jimmy surprised me with planning the trip for our anniversary and we are curious to see how Sadie will (or won’t, lol) like it!

      1. God bless you … I think you will find that young children, camping, and sleep just DO NOT mix well. My parents took us camping a total of 1x when I was a kid. After that experience we vowed to never camp again! Rain, Tornadoes, Bugs, and ALL of the MUD

      2. It was just a catastrophic disaster. I just don’t think all folks are cut out for camping. We just seem to be more indoor people! ❤

      3. Looks like your experience was completely different than ours! I am also pretty sure that tent camping was not the best choice for us! 😉 I think if we could have had a camper we might have been a bit happier. Are you guys experiencing these 90 degree days there too??

      4. It ended up being a great experience once we got through the first night, haha. And tent camping… man your parents were BRAVE! I totally wouldn’t be able to swing tent camping with a toddler and wouldn’t want to if I didn’t have a toddler lol. Just not my thing! Jimmy on the other hand would totally do it. Crazy!

        Yes, we are getting these hot, dry 90 degree days in Pittsburgh, too! It’s intense! What state are you in?!

      5. Yea, all of the folks I know here have actually headed to their cabins (think no air conditioning and rustic) at the lakes in northern Minnesota. I am in the Minneapolis area actually and its been VERY hot and humid! I think it was 90 degrees by 11am this morning! Blah! I am not a fan of this at all.

  4. We were SO happy when the library opened back up! I immediately put books on hold and went to pick them up as soon as they opened, haha!

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