Whimsy on Fifth

Who loves boutiques? How about small businesses? I know I do! A new-to-me boutique, Whimsy on Fifth, opened up in our area of Pittsburgh and I recently had the chance to stop in and check it out.

Whimsy on Fifth boutique Pittsburgh

Whimsy on Fifth is just so delightful! The shop carries gifts, home goods, clothing, jewelry, stationary, accessories, and more. It’s definitely going to be my go-to spot for shopping local and finding unique gifts for friends and family.


Pinkhouse bracelets

Whimsy on Fifth boutique Pittsburgh

Whimsy on Fifth boutique Pittsburgh

I even had the chance to speak with Whimsy’s owner, Rebecca, who was so kind and helpful. It’s clear she’s passionate about curating a great variety of goods for her shop and helping her customers find just the item they’re looking for.

Whimsy on Fifth owner Rebecca Seuter

If you’re local to Pittsburgh, I highly recommend stopping into Whimsy on Fifth (it’s located in Presto!) and if you’re not from the Steel City, you can shop Whimsy’s unique finds on their website!

Do you like boutiques?



  1. What a beautiful piece. Your family is adorable and I couldn’t be happier for you all to stop in and visit. Can’t wait to see what 2019 brings us!

  2. Small Business is Big Business!
    Add up all the small businesses and they make more than all the big businesses!

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