Spring Has Sprung

It seems like the weather is finally catching up with the season here in Pittsburgh. We have been having temperatures in the 60s and 70s!

It feels wonderful to get outside and not have to bundle up. Also, seeing daffodils poking through the ground and bright yellow forsythia blooming is such a mood booster. The nice weather also makes pet sitting a lot more enjoyable 😉

Did everyone have a nice weekend? Ours was fairly busy, filled with pet sitting, work, painting, celebrating, and worshiping. A lovely mix of activities.

I bought a coral paint sample for an accent wall in our office, but it was too orange-ish when I put it on the wall. So I painted primer over it and bought another sample. Fingers crossed this one is the color I’m looking for!

My family celebrated my mom’s birthday by going to her favorite Italian restaurant. Afterwards, some of the kids went go karting at Steel City Indoor Karting. I was definitely content to just watch and take pictures. The go karts go as fast as 50 miles per hour!

From left to right: My brother, sister-in-law, Jimmy, me, my sister, and future brother-in-law!

Our church is hosting its Spring Revival, so we have a guest speaker preaching from Sunday through Wednesday, which is always a delight!

I also finished reading Midwife: A Calling by Peggy Vincent and it was great! Some of her stories literally had me laughing out loud. I read one to Jimmy about a placenta and he definitely didn’t think it was funny. Sorry Jimmy! I guess we don’t have the same level of interest in childbirth 😉

How was your weekend?

What has the weather been like where you live?



  1. My weekend was lovely and the weather was sunny and warm. Spring has definitely sprung! 🌻

    I’m glad you had a nice weekend too. The karting sounds fun but scary — 50 mph?! Do they have to wear crash helmets?

    Aimée went to the vet to be spayed on Friday, poor baby. So I spent a lot of my weekend cuddling her. As I type this, she’s curled up asleep on me. She has a little onesie that she has to wear post-surgery. I put a photo of her on Twitter — she doesn’t look very happy about her outfit!

    1. I’m glad to hear your weekend was fun and warm!!

      Yes, they all had to wear crash helmets and watch a safety video. Crazy!

      Aimee looks so, so cute in her little onesie! I hope she’s feeling better now 🙂

  2. Aw happy belated to your mom!!! The weather has been rainy and still on the cooler side…. I think it’s starting to get back to the 50’s and the sun is starting to peak out again though!

    xo, JJ

      1. Slowly but surely getting there….with the exception of today….frigid again. Grr lol

  3. What a wonderful time with family and friends ❤ Love that picture of all of you! After a super rainy winter it has transitioned into a pretty HOT spring (at least this week has been super hot!). I don't mind though one bit!

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