Sister Day

Hannah and I had a much needed sister day on Saturday. She drove through Pittsburgh construction bright and early, and we pretty much laughed our way through the day.

We did some crafting, pet sitting, attended a craft fair, drank coffee, and I practiced my photography on Hannah. The weather was perfect for a little photoshoot!

I ended the day feeling so happy. I’m continually thankful that God has blessed me with Hannah as my sister. Even if she wasn’t my sister, I’d still choose her as my best friend 🙂

Some pictures from the day…


And, just for good measure, we filmed a vlog! We became more and more silly as the day wore on 😉

Do you have a sibling (or siblings) that you get really goofy with?



  1. It looks like you had a really fun day with Hannah. I’m glad you got to spend time together and craft… that canvas you’re painting looks really cool too!

    1. We had such a nice time! It’s pretty rare that the two of us get to hang out by ourselves, so I totally cherish it!

      Thanks for the compliment on my canvas :). It’s taking me forever because it’s so detailed, but I’m loving it!

  2. I love you Allie! I had so much fun, I am so glad that we share so many hobbies! I love you with all of my heart!!

  3. Aww, love that you guys spent the day together! So sweet. And all these pictures are adorable! Now on to the video…

    The Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer in my car did that weird bloated thing too!

    I want to come do craft time with you guys! So fun! This whole video makes me want to do a video with my sisters! We may have to make that happen at Thanksgiving!

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