Life with Lola

Today I’m linking up with Puppy Spot to blog about a few of Lola’s first milestones! I had so much fun digging through old flash drives and albums to find pictures of Lola as a puppy.

I adopted Lola from the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society in 2006 for my 14th birthday. She was 14 weeks old and immediately stole my heart with her sweet brown eyes.

My dad and I picked her up from the Humane Society and never looked back. Thinking about her first day home makes me laugh. The picture below sums the day up pretty well.


Lola looked like she wanted to go chew something, I was a brat and wouldn’t let anyone hold my new fur baby, and Hannah was mad at me. Classic, haha. I had spent my childhood begging my parents for a puppy, so by the time Lola came into my life, I didn’t want to share 😉

It wasn’t long before Hannah and Lola formed a special bond that remains to this day. Lola always listens to Hannah and has spent countless hours snuggling with her.


As a puppy, Lola looked up to her big brother, Eddie. Our family adopted Eddie when he was six-years-old. He was well-trained and mellow, which somewhat rubbed off on Lola.


Lola still managed to get into trouble. My parents didn’t (and still don’t) crate their dogs, so Lola was always free to roam the house while we were gone. We shouldn’t have been surprised when we came home from church one night to witness the destruction of Lola’s first big chewing session.


Over the years, Lola has become notorious for chewing and eating the most random things which include, but are not limited to: garbage, cat litter, possibly a diapera whole chicken carcass, a Bible (see above photo), and a cutting board.

One look at Lola’s sweet face manages to get me through the times where I don’t know whether to laugh or cry because she of what mischief she last got into.

Lola as a puppy.

Lola as a puppy.

I don’t remember too much about Lola’s first Christmas or the first time she saw snow, but I found some adorable pictures from both of those events.

What I do remember is that we have taken countless snowy walks together and have celebrated Christmas with each other nine times so far. Lola even went sled riding with my family once!


I can’t imagine my life without Lola. She’s been with me through high school, college, various jobs, getting married, moving, and much more.

She’s lived with seven pets (Eddie, Callie, Lily, ChesterBrandy, Felix, and now Malcolm) and six humans. Not to mention all the dogs I’ve pet sat in our home.

She has adapted to many changes, traveled, and played her way through life the past ten years. All while continually stealing my heart with her crazy antics and warm snuggles.

2014-12-25 12.55.20

Through all the ups and downs of life with Lola, I wouldn’t change a single thing.



  1. This post seriously made me cry, and laugh. What great memories of such a great (and def mischievous) dog. She is one of a kind– for sure! You and dad bringing her home saying she’s a lab mix— and didn’t believe me she was a lab-pit mix – till our vet confirmed it 😐. The fact we told her we would call Michael Vick when she was bad seriously makes me laugh (and also think we were quite cruel 😂) love you beautiful~ keep up your great blog posts!! You’re an amazing writer!!!

  2. This literally was so sweet. I never thought about all of the pets, humans, and events Lola has been through ❤️❤️

  3. Oh my gracious, baby Lola! Love those younger year pics! Ridiculously cute. I love that she has been such a huge part of your life for so long. How precious. 🙂

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