Time for more vacation photos! I love looking back on these pictures because I feel happy all over again remembering the many laughs, smiles, and conversations that my mom and I enjoyed together while in Florida.

Without further ado… more pictures!

johnspassIn the jaws of a shark at John’s Pass, which is a tourist fishing village with shopping and restaurants in Pinellas County.

paddleboating2Paddle boating early in the morning in 50 degree weather around the resort. This was the thing that my mom and I did that she was most excited about. She’s so goofy!

pelicansPelicans at the St. Petersburg Pier.

resortThe front of the resort and the lobby. I loved seeing the fake palm trees every time I walked through the lobby. I think I need a fake palm tree in my bedroom.

manicuresBecause the weather wasn’t so great for swimming in the ocean, we got manicures together instead! The woman who did my nails guessed I was 15-years-old. She was only five years off, lol.

12We took some “selfies” together.

viewThe view from our balcony.

CollagePhotos from around the resort and exploring the local area.

alligatorI got bit by a gator!

momMom at the Flying Bridge restaurant.

Speaking of food… we ate so many seriously delicious meals together. I’ll share some vacation food pictures in my next post!


  1. UGH. I definitely get the younger age range! I’m surprised they don’t ask if I want a butterfly drawn on my fingertip or something lol! Looks like you had a lot of fun! My mom always gets confused when I take “selfies” of us but she has gotten accustomed to them and took some with my dad when they went on a cruise. So funny!

  2. This is amazing! You look so happy and you and your mom are too cute! My mom hates pictures but I might have to force her this time. It’s necessary!

  3. People always think I’m 15 too! Ughhhh! Hopefully when we’re older, people will still think we look younger than what we really are, haha. So glad you and your mom had a great time! I love that picture of the pelicans at the pier!

  4. Hope your arm is ok from that gator! 🙂 Looks like a great time! My sister and mom are going to Hawaii next week…I guess the older sisters get to go to the cool places…

  5. I was inspired by your trip to ask my mom if she would be interested in going on a ‘girls vacation’. We’ll see if anything happens 🙂

  6. That picture of you with the gator cracked me up haha. You and your mom are so cute!! This trip sounds like a blast, and I used to be told I look younger than I was all the time. These days I get numbers OLDER!

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