Let’s Do This

Thanks for all of the well-wishers about my family and I being sick. Literally an hour or two after I posted, I had a fever of over 102*. That was miserable!

Ever the blogger, I had to document my sickness with a lovely picture...

Ever the blogger, I had to document my sickness with a lovely picture…

I felt bad for my family because I kept crying because my head hurt and nobody knew what to do. Yikes… sorry family. I’m feeling a bit better today though. I took a few rest days from exercise and ate a lot of soup. All the prayers from friends and family helped, too.


I have finally thought about my goals for the year of 2013! Here they are, in categories, because I like to be organized like that.

Life goals for 2013:

  1. Do things that scare me. (This usually means horseback riding, flying in airplanes, competing in triathlons, and swimming in the ocean. Don’t make fun of me..)
  2. Bake more. I love baking, but lately I haven’t set aside time to do it. This year, I shall.
  3. Travel as much as possible. I really want to visit Savannah, Georgia.

Spiritual goals for 2013:

  1. Attend  more church activities. I attend a good amount of church outings and functions, but sometimes I fill my schedule to the brim with a million other things and end up missing out on fun outings with my church family. 
  2. Figure out a “prayer schedule”. I pray every day, but I really want to get into a “groove” where I set aside a specific time just for prayer. I think it will really help me focus.
  3. Speak Jimmy’s love language more. You can learn about love languages here. Jimmy is so important to me, and I’m always looking to improve our relationship and show him how much I love him.

Fitness goals for 2013:

  1. Participate in a triathlon, half marathon, or full marathon. I’d be thrilled if I did all three in a year, but I’d also be happy if I only did one. I’ve done a few triathlons, but they’re the most challenging for me (the biking..) so I’m really aiming to compete in one.
  2. Stretch more. There is a yoga class right after I teach Spinning. I have no excuse. I’m also going to work on spending more time with my foam roller.


So there you have it; the things I want to accomplish in 2013. It’s kind of nerve-wracking to put these things on the internet for anyone to see, but it also makes me accountable. I like it!

What are your goals for 2013?

Bible verse of the day: He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8


  1. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. It’s such a buzz kill and can drag on and on. If you come up with a magic solution to feel better, please let me know, I need it!!!!

    My goals are to read 24 books, walk/run 365 miles, nurture my relationships, be an excellent mother, excel at work, be smarter with money, focus on happiness and health, and organize and simplify my life. Easy (not)!!!

  2. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! Your goals are pretty awesome! I hope you achieve every single one 🙂

  3. I really like your goal of doing things that frighten you. It is so important to get out of our comfort zone and I’m desperately working on that. Sorry to hear you have been feeling so sick. Also-I want you to run a marathon so badly because I know how badly you want too!

  4. Yikes! Glad you’re a little better, even if not all. Soup always does the trick 🙂 Love your goals! Traveling and getting outside the ol’ comfort zone are two of my big ones as well–Doing those is what keeps life fun and exciting (if a bit scary…)

  5. Hope you are feeling better! I feel your pain!!! Those are some pretty intense goals. I’m definitely intimidated by tris — everything but the running! Lol.

  6. I want to bake more too! Maybe we can help each other out some with that one 🙂 One of my goals is to add more weights to my workouts instead of alllll cardio. Also, take Sadie, my puggle, on more walks…rain, snow, sun, whatever the weather!

  7. Great goals Allie! I would like to travel this year too – there is nothing like experiencing an unfamiliar place.

    I hope you continue to feel better!

  8. Oh gosh I hope you feel better! I love the goals you have for the year. I have a lot that are similar! I always try to do things that scare me. Usually they aren’t half as bad as I think!

  9. Hope you are feeling better – a fever of 102 sounds like NO FUN 😦
    Love the stretching goal (one of mine!). I would have to say that having better posture is my biggest resolution!

  10. I did the “myoneword” thing — and it is Behave.
    So I am focusing on my behaviors this year…..I want to behave in the way I am meant to BE in order to live the life I was designed to HAVE.

    Love all your goals and hope the J-man will be aiming to learn your love language as well.

  11. Yikes! I had the flu-ish thing too. I didn’t look as pretty as you. (Read: no way in hec were there photos taken (; ) I love your resolutions. I’m stealing the stretch one and love style one 🙂
    Best of luck to you in your new year!

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