Summer of 2012

This past summer was amazing. I wanted to recap it all in one post so when I need a happy moment I can look back on something to make me smile!


I kicked off my summer by running 18 miles and going to a Pirate’s game with my family. I then babysat my sister and all of our pets for a week while my parents went to Florida to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. It was a struggle because everything went wrong LOL. I was also able to go to Kennywood and wash my truck with Hannah & Jimmy.I read two great books: Made To Crave and A Love That Multiplies. I made Jimmy a welder cake for his birthday.I taught spinning 3-4x a week, swam in my pool, hung out with friends, and helped my mom recover from foot surgery.


Hannah and I made a music video. Please go laugh at it.My 20th birthday was awesome and included carrot cake and a cactus. I made some cute pancakesMy sister and I were “actresses” for a week and I had an minor toe surgery. Apparently I ran a 5k too… I actually forgot about it until I looked back through my pictures!Toe stuff. Gross.


I went on the best vacation ever to the Outer Banks with my family, grandparents, uncle, boyfriend, brother’s fiance and my neighbor. It was like one big party for a whole week.

Hannah and I took Lola to a coffee shop and I went to Benihana for the first time.I found out I had a stomach infection and had to take a butt-load of pills that made me really sick.


Hannah turned 14 and my family + her boy & my boy all went to a Pirates game to celebrate.I swam in my second open water swim and it was cold. So very cold.I competed in my first run-swim-run and placed second overall.I visited my brother at Penn State and had an endoscopy to see if the stomach infection I had in July was gone.I spent my last weekend of summer with Jimmy at the Pittsburgh Ren Fest & the Pittsburgh Zoo.


This summer was not what I expected it to be… in good ways!

I never would have guessed that I would be a spinning instructor or that I would teach 4x a week throughout the summer. Blessed.

I never would have guessed that I would let go of my try-hard ways and let loose all summer by sleeping in, staying up late, and doing nothing sometimes.

I never would have guessed how fun vacation was really going to be.

I never would have guessed that I was going to deal with problems when my parents went away, toe surgery, a stomach infection, and an endoscopy.

I never would have guessed that the summer of 2012 would become my most favorite summer yet.

I had some challenges and I became closer than ever to God. I worked hard and still had many fun times of relaxation. It was the perfect mix and truly blessed in every way.

It was the perfect summer.


  1. I’m glad you had a great summer. It definitely wasn’t easy for you, I remember most of that stuff (but then looking at this I was like oh wow, must have missed that blog… guess that’s how it goes when I’m busy moving and stuff too). But you really made the best of it and had a positive attitude despite what you went through with the tummy issues. Plus it rocks that you were able to let loose all summer, I really wish I was back in college sometimes and could still do that!

  2. OH my gosh, HOW did I miss your music video!?! That was like THE best way for me to start my day! LOL! Totally was cracking up over here and LOVED it! I’m putting in a special request that you need to make another one sometime soon! 🙂

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