Random life

I can assure you, this post probably has no point. It’s just a bunch of random pictures and thoughts. That’s just how I roll sometimes (<— can’t believe I just said that..).I can’t figure out if Lola likes riding in the car or if it makes her nervous. I know she likes when I take her in the car to a park. Sometimes I wish she could talk.

I don’t know how my parents get so tan. Also, how did they manage to match so well? Life questions.

Long runs are the best in parks or on trails. Especially flat parks or trails. Long runs are especially especially fun before the world wakes up. The are not always fun when you’re alone and bored :p.

The zoo! That’s all.

The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival was quite fun. See the guy in the pink tutu? That’s Jimmy. HAHA. Made my life.

New peanut butter!

True story. When Jimmy and I go to the gym together it’s a joke. We end up laughing/messing around the whole time. I love it.


Alright, this has been enough randomness for the day. I could go on and on with pictures and meaningless comments but I have some homework to do. Yeah.. school started. Today has been a pretty lazy day (including a leisurely walk with Lola and some baking) and for that I am glad! Hope your Labor Day is going swell!


Bible verse of the day: Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1


  1. Sometimes random blogs are the best! I want to try that peanut butter, maybe the one with raisins in it? I have a coupon for it but haven’t seen it in a store yet, so when I do I’m picking up some… I should try to finish off some of my current nut butters first, though.

    Your parents are matching really cute and tan! I think some people just get naturally tan really easily and I’m jealous of them!

  2. Random.. but fun! I love seeing the random things that people are up to!

    I definitely wish dogs could talk. Sometimes I wonder just WHAT my pup is thinking. Have you ever read texts from the dog? It’s hilarious!

  3. Have you ever driven Lola by a McDonalds drive thru? My dog used to love that; she got high off of the smell alone. If it was just me and her I’d be a sucker and buy her a small fries.

    Good luck at school today!

  4. It would be awesome if dogs could talk…for one day. You could get all your questions answered, and then go back to peace and quiet 🙂 And those gym sessions where you goof off/get nothing done are just as important (and maybe even healthier ;D ) than the ones that involve lots of exercise.

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