two great books

Summer of 2012

This past summer was amazing. I wanted to recap it all in one post so when I need a happy moment I can look back on something to make me smile!


I kicked off my summer by running 18 miles and going to a Pirate’s game with my family. I then babysat my sister and all of our pets for a week while my parents went to Florida to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. It was a struggle because everything went wrong LOL. I was also able to go to Kennywood and wash my truck with Hannah & Jimmy.I read two great books: Made To Crave and A Love That Multiplies. I made Jimmy a welder cake for his birthday.I taught spinning 3-4x a week, swam in my pool, hung out with friends, and helped my mom recover from foot surgery.


Hannah and I made a music video. Please go laugh at it.My 20th birthday was awesome and included carrot cake and a cactus. I made some cute pancakesMy sister and I were “actresses” for a week and I had an minor toe surgery. Apparently I ran a 5k too… I actually forgot about it until I looked back through my pictures!Toe stuff. Gross.


I went on the best vacation ever to the Outer Banks with my family, grandparents, uncle, boyfriend, brother’s fiance and my neighbor. It was like one big party for a whole week.

Hannah and I took Lola to a coffee shop and I went to Benihana for the first time.I found out I had a stomach infection and had to take a butt-load of pills that made me really sick.


Hannah turned 14 and my family + her boy & my boy all went to a Pirates game to celebrate.I swam in my second open water swim and it was cold. So very cold.I competed in my first run-swim-run and placed second overall.I visited my brother at Penn State and had an endoscopy to see if the stomach infection I had in July was gone.I spent my last weekend of summer with Jimmy at the Pittsburgh Ren Fest & the Pittsburgh Zoo.


This summer was not what I expected it to be… in good ways!

I never would have guessed that I would be a spinning instructor or that I would teach 4x a week throughout the summer. Blessed.

I never would have guessed that I would let go of my try-hard ways and let loose all summer by sleeping in, staying up late, and doing nothing sometimes.

I never would have guessed how fun vacation was really going to be.

I never would have guessed that I was going to deal with problems when my parents went away, toe surgery, a stomach infection, and an endoscopy.

I never would have guessed that the summer of 2012 would become my most favorite summer yet.

I had some challenges and I became closer than ever to God. I worked hard and still had many fun times of relaxation. It was the perfect mix and truly blessed in every way.

It was the perfect summer.