Montour Trail 1/2 Marathon

Yesterday I ran my fourth half marathon! 

Race info:

Course Description: 13.1 miles out and back on the (mostly flat) Montour Trail. The course also went through a tunnel, which was pretty fun.

Race cap: 1,500 runners. That many runners on a 5-foot wide trail was cramped!

Weather: 67* with 90% humidity and a light drizzle until after I finished the race. About 15 minutes after I finished it was a torrential downpour with crazy wind.


Hannah and I at the start. I’m wearing a pink shirt and she’s wearing blue. Hannah ran the 5k.

A lot of people and stormy weather!

Race Results:

Time: 1:39:22
Pace: 7:35
Place: 3rd place in 20-24 age group
What my watch said: 13.48 miles in 1:39:21 = 7:22 pace

I got my best time 🙂


The last time I ran this race, in 2010, I got a 1:42:58 (7:52 pace).Post-race in 2010… much better weather! Funny story: my family dropped me off at the start and then went out to eat while I ran the half marathon. Cool life, family.

My second half marathon was frigid (17*) and I got a 1:46:16 (8:07 pace).

I was unable to run the Montour Trail half marathon last year because I was injured. I did run the same freezing cold half marathon that I ran in March 2011. I got a 1:41:32 (7:44 pace). 

So, that has been my half-marathon progression. My time has improved with each race (except in 2011… lolz) and I just enjoy running 13.1 miles. It’s a splendid time! One day I will convince Hannah to run with me so I’m not bored running by myself the whole time ;).


Today is probably going to be a homework day for me. If you don’t have homework, go do something fun for me. Thanks 😉

Bible verse of the day: Rejoice in the Lord and be glad, you righteous; sing, all you who are upright in heart! Psalm 32:11



  1. Awesome job, your times are so fast for that distance! I am hoping for 150 or less for my November half *crosses fingers* and looking forward to cooler weather for it. Sounds like yours was pretty hot too with the 90% humidity, even with temps in the 60s. You did an awesome job, especially for trail and for such a large race. That’s neat that Hannah did the 5K and funny about your parents going out to eat. When I did my half I just told Clay about what time to be at the finish so he slept in and just got there when I was finishing, haha! Then he went home and slept more!

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