More recents

Hello! I found more time to blog. Score.

I got a cute text from Jimmy on Tuesday morning and it made me smile so big. Don’t you love text messages like that?!

Jimmy’s birthday was on Saturday and I bought us tickets to the Pirates game. We had a blast! We started the evening just walking around Pittsburgh aimlessly, then we had dinner at Hyde Park (a steak house on the North Shore), and finished the night watching the Pirates and fireworks. It was such a lovely evening with a lovely boy. 🙂

Sunday was a blast as well. It was 90* in Pittsburgh, so after church my family + Jimmy and his brother hopped in our pool. We played “silent polo” which is Marco Polo without talking! We also played with Nick & Jimmy’s hair while a thunderstorm rolled in.After sufficient hair-playing we headed out to eat and then back to church. Perfect day!

I was drinking from my water bottle the other day and thinking that the slogan on it was so right…Amen? Amen!




  1. I love your water bottle :). Life is Good stuff is pretty cool (my water bottle is a track club issued one hehe). Looks like you guys had a fun weekend at the game and playing in the pool!

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