Life lately

Hey there. School has picked up a bit for me and I’ve been busy! Here is what has been going on in my life lately:

– I’m still training for the June marathon and so far I have been injury free. I have been running outside- okay I run outside like once week. I always try to do my long run outside though. This week's long run^My long run for this week done in 30* temps. I can’t wait for warm weather running! For the marathon, I am focusing on training conservatively. If I end up liking marathons then I will train more seriously for my second. No need to stress!

-I am convinced that a pb&j a day keeps the doctor away. Just kidding. But really. I am loving pb&j sandwiches! 

I finished reading this book:-Now I’m onto this book:I have been making time in my day to do “personal” things like reading for pleasure and writing in my journal. I notice on the days when I neglect to read my Bible, journal, or just read, I get stressed out. So I try to do something little for myself each day.

Other things:

I have been planning and doing a lot of behind the scenes-type things that I will inform everyone of as soon as I can. These things involve a possible job (surprise to come near the end of February!), a fundraiser, and something else. Fun stuff!

-I love this boy:Oh yeah, I still suck at bowling. Like anyone thought that was going to change 😉

-Pittsburgh got snow:Brrrr.

Alrighty, I’m off to shop for a Valentine’s Day gift for Jimmy. I have no idea what to get him…. any ideas?! (He’s really into technology + video games + boy-type stuff.)

Have a great day!



  1. I have no idea of Valentines gifts. This is actually the first Valentine’s day that I’ll be single since sophomore year of high school! UH woah. Serial dater for real. Anyways-your life looks fantastical as always.

  2. Mmm, PBJ sounds super good! What kind of jelly/jam do you like on yours?

    That picture of the snow on the trees is so pretty!

    I’m horrible at knowing what to get boys, too! I still need to get something for Andy. I’ll probably just end up getting him candy and a card. 😀

  3. The pic of you and Jimmy is super cute. I get Clay nerdy stuff- like I got him a Ninja Turtles beanie and water bottle and he loves them because it reminds him of being a kid. So things like that, they’re small, but they mean a lot to dudes :). Gift cards for electronics stores are always good too!

    Good luck with your marathon training! I don’t blame you, if it’s your first time running one, finishing should be your goal. Then once you’ve done it you can figure out if you want to go for a certain time, I guess.

  4. I’m happy to see your getting some Allie time in, very important to relax and do things you enjoy for fun 🙂 YAY for being injury free with marathon training!!! You and Jimmy are adorable!

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