Hey there. How are you on this fine Friday? I can’t believe it is already Friday. I have had that feeling of forgetting what day it is because i’m on break and to be honest, it feels good.

I have been up to all kinds of shenanigans since the fall semester ended:

-Going out with friends to the mall

-Going out for coffee (using gift cards I received for Christmas!)

-Having Bible studies with Jimmy

-Shopping (I am a little sick of shopping at this point!)


-Staying up late and watching movies (I’ve watched The Help and Monte Carlo so far)

-Running when ever I feel like it

-Master’s swim practice [I’ve only been to 1 practice because I keep sleeping in ;)]


Other things coming up:

-Ice skating

-College student game night for my church

-New Year’s Eve Party

-Movie theater trip


Pictures of fun shenanigans lately:

Mall + ice cream + going out to eat with friends.

Hannah got a piano for Christmas. I love listening to her play! She like to play Katy Perry and Lady Gaga songs… I’ll post a video soon!!


Homemade peanut butter! Recipe to come soon.. when I figure every thing out with ingredient amounts, etc.

Master’s swim practice.. waking up @ 5 isn’t fun, but i’m always glad when I go.

Dressing up 🙂

New favorite drink? Peppermint mocha!!!

Bible study with Jimmy ❤


Alright, i’m off to enjoy life some more! 

Have a great day!



  1. I wish I could wake up at 5 and get a workout in- you are so right though, it always makes you feel better to have accomplished something before most people even get up.

    Peppermint Mochas are amazing :).

  2. Well that all sounds fabulous! Looking forward to hearing your sister play–and hearing about that ice skating trip. I haven’t been in years, don’t even think there’s an option around here, so I’ll relive some ice skating memories through you 😀

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