Giving thanks for hobbies

[This is the 3rd installment in my giving thanks series.]

I suppose that giving thanks for hobbies is kind of strange, but once  I thought about it, I realized that life would be pretty dull if we didn’t have any interests aside from work or school.

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing went right? What do you do after one of those days?

When I have a terrible day, I like to go home, pull out a favorite recipe, and cook or bake something that I love.Just punching some bread dough… you know… it relieves stress..

I find a kind of peace in chopping vegetables or measuring flour. I hardly think, I just do menial tasks that I enjoy. Soon enough, I find myself relaxed, calm, and able to look back on the day and just let it go.

[Other hobbies that are cathartic for me include scrap booking, reading, walking my dog, jumping on my trampoline like a crazy person, running slowly, reading my Bible, writing in my journal, and swimming.]

The “finished project” of a task like baking or cooking is so wonderful-food! I love to pull a cake out of the oven, frost it, and then eat it. Mmmm. The feeling after a run is so awesome and I love looking back on scrap books I have made or journals I have written in.


I think everyone would be so much more stressed out if we didn’t have hobbies or special interests as an outlet for emotions.

* So today, I am thankful for hobbies-for all the joys they bring, and for the stress relief that comes with doing things we love. *


Are you thankful for hobbies? What relieves stress for you?



  1. Haha punching bread dough seems like the perfect way to get out some anger from the day! What great insight, hobbies really do make people less stressed 🙂
    I love to draw when I’m stressed, it’s just so relaxing!

  2. I would never think to be grateful for hobbies–but you’re right, they make life awesome! So thank YOU for the reminder to be thankful 😀 And my hobbies that relax me are reading and crocheting. And cooking, but not baking. Baking stresses me out! I love it anyway, just won’t choose it after a bad day. And I want your sweater! It is so bright and cozy-looking.

  3. Nothing relieves stress for me like scooping out dough into muffin tins or running it off! Also I like to clean when I’m stressed. It’s like washing all the troubles away. So maybe that’s why my mom always said stress can be a good thing….

  4. Cooking does the exact same thing for me! My mom always says chopping vegetables stresses her out, but for me it’s the opposite. Focusing on not cutting myself and chopping uniform pieces gives me something to think about other than yucky stuff.

    Obviously meditation is a big stress reliever for me as well. I don’t know what I would do without it!

  5. I wish punching in the dough give me stress free – but making bread gives me stressed as I’m not very good with dough… lol. I wish baking will be my hobby one day. As of now.. hmm.. cooking and cleaning is pretty much my hobby and chores… haha.

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