I’m lame

I have so much school work. Help. I have to write two news reports for my communications class, make a presentation on my thesis for a paper in rhetoric, study microbiology, read a chapter in economics, and look over an IST (computer class) power point. Bleh.

I don’t have much time to post so I am going to show you how lame I am. I had a little photo shoot of my sister’s kitten, Lily. She just got spayed and was still a little woozy from the drugs… I think that’s why she let me get all up in her face.

Drugged kitty


Also, I found this via pinterest:

Cool stuff!

Okay… homework. Bye. πŸ™‚


  1. Oh muh gosh kitty. I know it’s super busy right now. For some reason all of classes are wrapping up before thanksgiving break, so I just have like 7000 projects right now. But still, it the home stretch! hang in there!

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