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This weekend has been quite fun so far. Jimmy and I ended up celebrating V-Day on Saturday.

What we did:

  • Went to Pittsburgh’s Aviary
  • Went out to lunch
  • Saw The Vow
  • Walked around the mall
  • Had dinner at my house
  • Watched Courageous at my house with my family
Sometimes I think I scare Jimmy because I just text him random things for no reason…

He’s used to it though ;). The aviary was really cool! It was my first time visiting and we saw a lot of cool birds. I almost got pooped on like six times too. Rock on!Flamingos were the theme of the day for Valentines Day. Cute.We also got to walk in a room with really loud birds flying all over the place. It was frightening and cool at the same time. We also got to see bald eagles. I never realized how big they are. I don’t have any pictures from the other parts of the day but I had a really nice time! I enjoyed The Vow but I read the book before I saw the movie and it was totally different (it’s based off of a true story!). The movie Courageous was amazing. It has some great family values in it and I definitively cried like 6x haha!

I’m so much happier this semester than I was last semester.

I felt constantly stressed and bogged down with school work from September-December. I decided to take a few easier courses this semester but I also made an important decision: I decided not to let school work rule my life or stress me out. I know that sounds dumb or simple, but for me, it has been a big (positive) change and I’m happy 🙂

Oh yeah–check out this old family picture I found!Have a great Sunday!



Thursday was a total day of freedom for me. No school, no work, no obligations. Ah…the first day of break. I will admit that I woke up early though. 4:50am to be exact.

I didn’t mean to wake up so early but I had a dream that woke me up (this happens constantly, ugh) so I got up and decided to go to a new spinning class at 5:45 and it kicked my butt. I had sweat on my stomach after the class… is that possible? Weird.

After I got home from spinning I walked in circles for about 2 hours.

I didn’t know what to do with myself. I didn’t have school work or studying to do so I went to blog, but I didn’t feel like it. I decided to read blogs.. but I didn’t feel like it. I walked Lola and it was cold. Brrrrrrr.

After walking Lola I walked in circles again. I didn’t even want to read. I just sat down and had lunch. Then I decided to surprise Jimmy. Since we live an hour away from each other, it is hard to hang out a lot-I was excited to go see him.

I texted his dad and told him I was going to be at their house when they came home from work. I also said I was making dinner. STUFFED CABBAGE! So I headed to the store and picked up rice, tomato sauce, cabbage, and ground beef. Then I drove an hour to Jimmy’s house and started cooking until 4:00pm when he got home from work.

Cabbage to boil ^

Rice mixed with eggs and onion. (and ground beef after!)

All set up to stuff the cabbage^


Ready to be topped with tomato sauce and baked!

Yay Jimmy is home and ready to eat

After dinner Jimmy and I went Christmas shopping and I drove an hour home and was tired! 

It was a relaxing day and I’m still getting used to not having school work. I keep feeling guilty for not doing school work, but I’m quickly getting used to it 😉 I should be getting my final grades back soon… maybe i’ll share!


Have a great Saturday!