Bad foodie and krabby patties

Hello there! I’m glad mostly everyone agreed with me on some of my thoughts on life.

I have had another thought. I have been a bad foodie lately. You see, it is getting cold in the morning and I have decided oatmeal is an acceptable breakfast.

What makes me a bad foodie is the fact that I make oatmeal from a package. *gasp* Am I lazy? Probably. Do I have a lot of time to prepare oats on the stove? No. Have I ever made oats on the stove? No. Do I like packaged oatmeal? Yep!Pre-packaged goodness. More pre-packaged goodness.

Okay.. onto other foods because honestly.. oatmeal is really boring to photograph!This was spicy chili from a local cafe. Gingerbread = holiday season.Krabby patties!  [Obv. I go to the Krusty Krab…]Quesedilla makin’ time!Yum in my tum. Hannah begged me to supervise her in the making of puppy chow. We did it!


Other random things:

-I ran today and it was warm! (2.8 miles in 23 minutes = 8:17 pace)

-I dressed decently for school on Monday! Typically I wear sweatpants and a hoodie. 


What do you think of pre-packaged food? 



  1. haha… you’re not a “bad foodie”. Honestly, instant oatmeal tastes better in my opinion! I eat it both ways. With tons of stuff! My family makes fun of me because I put my bowl of oats through an assembly line of “extras.” 🙂 pb, ab, protein powder, honey, fruit, cinnamon, maybe raisins, and anything else I think of.

  2. Haha, once in awhile I make packaged oats but what I usually do is buy a huge tub of the quick-cook oats and cook them in the microwave. No stovetop oats for me–it takes way too long, especially during the workweek when I’d rather read blogs and drink coffee while I wait for my hair to dry!

    The spicy chili looks so good and ahhh gingerbread! Love it! That’s awesome that you have a quesedilla maker, too! How nifty!

    Okay, I hope you have a great day!

    1. Smart idea about the oats!! I wait for my hair to try while I read blogs too haha! I’m doing it RIGHT NOW! Twins 🙂

      Have a good day Laura .. hope you get the snow you wanted!

  3. Hey I don’t think you’re a bad foodie… I actually like some of the instant oatmeals. I know they’re crazy sweet and not good for you but who cares? I eat it at my desk at work in the mornings for breakfast, and it might not be the best thing but it beats the fast food so many of my coworkers come in with :).

    Your quesadilla looks amazing!

  4. Love the outfit! And that quesadilla looks yummmy! Also, gingerbread is my favorite thing ever!!!!! I feel as though there are times when prepackaged foods are more convenient, and not necessarily unhealthy either. I eat ’em when I have to!

  5. Nothing wrong with prepackaged food, as long as it’s good stuff–which oatmeal is! And I’ve never made oatmeal on the stove, but I microwave up a bowl of regular old-fashioned oats every morning. Saves on dish washing, which is always a plus for me. All your other eats look delicious, too! I’ll take one of those quesadillas, please 🙂 And of course I love everything gingerbread.

  6. I am somewhere in between a good foodie and bad foodie: I don’t do packaged oatmeal, nor do I make it on the stove– I use the microwave for old fashioned oats or oatbran. I like it thick, and it gets nice and thick in the microwave…almost chewy!

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