Thoughts on life

I often ponder things in life. Tell me i’m not the only one who thinks about these things………



-Seeing a t-shirt in the store and being like “WOW I LOVE THAT,” then you see the price and kind of hate it as you walk away.

-Hearing thumps while i’m in the shower. I definitely think that my whole family is being killed and I’m next.

-It is my life goal to make it to the bottom of my chapstick before I lose it.

-After seeing a movie in theaters, I never say “That was such a great movie!” or “I can’t wait for the sequel to come!” I say “DANG I NEED TO PEE!”

-I hate that awkward moment when I can’t understand what someone has said after I asked them to repeat themselves 8 times.

-Who was the first person to see a cow and think to squeeze its udders and drink what came out?

-Getting out of bed in the winter is one of the hardest things to do in life.

-I hate that scary moment when I rub my eyes for too long and I go blind for like 10 seconds.

-I know my family so well that I can tell who is coming down the hallway by the sound of their footsteps.

-Don’t you hate when it’s your b-day and people are signing Happy Birthday to you and you just sit there, not knowing what to do?

-Sometimes I lay in bed, wondering if it is worth it to get up to pee because i’m too comfortable.

-I often experience that scary moment where my parents tell me to wait in line by myself while they get something and I have no money and suddenly the line goes really fast.

-How does Dora get her shirt over her head? Seriously… her head is big.

Blanket on = too hot. Blanket off = too cold. One leg out = PERFECT.



Can you relate?! What do you ponder in life?!



  1. I agree with every single one of these.

    Also, why do commercials have to be so long during your favorite shows?

    And why do news people just constantly argue about the dumbest things instead of actually reporting the news?

    This blog definitely made my day!

  2. Showers are scary, scary things. I used to leave the door to the bathroom open while showering so I had a better chance of hearing if my family was being murdered. I still sometimes think I hear something and have to turn the water off for a second and listen. This probably fakes out any roommates who are waiting for their turn in the bathroom…

  3. Haha… love it! I definitely have those… One for me is when someone asks you a question in a group and all of a sudden all eyes are on you and time seems to stop as you fumble for words (and as you start to say something you realize it doesn’t really make sense)! 😛

  4. Oh my gosh. I agree with EVERY single one of those things. I often wonder a lot about differences in people…like why some people are short/tall/curly hair/straight hair. And also I wonder what life would be like if we all spoke the same language. There are many times when I just wish I knew things that I didn’t…like what other people think of situations. I think a lot hahaha

  5. I ponder a lot of those same things!! One of my friends in class always mumbles, and everyday I ask her to repeat herself 4 or 5 times. SPEAK UP! lolz

    and yes… blanket on and off, one leg out, socks on socks off… that’s the worst!! sometimes I fine by myself, and then my Boy comes over and it throws the equilibrium of covers to layers all out of whack (since he adds his body heat).

    lol! you are hilarious!

    hope your week is going well!! 😀

  6. LOL I have never seen the end of a tube of chapstick!!!

    I HATE when I see a super cute saying or picture on a tee-shirt and then go to check its pricetag and it’s like…$30. Such a huge disappointment, every time!

  7. I used to get SO MAD when my dad would make me hold the place in the grocery line and go to get something…and take FOREVER. I was like WHAT DO I DOOOOO!!?!?

    And yeah, it is super awkward when you just cannot understand what someone is saying. Eventually you just smile and pretend you understand, but it turns out they were asking some kind of question, and then you’re like, crap.

  8. Thanks for the giggle, and yes I am laughing With you not At you. I can relate girl. That I can.

    And what is UP with the chapsticks? What happens to the chapsticks in the world? Reminds me of Seinfeld’s shtick about pens.
    “Where do they all go??”
    “I’ve bought 6 billion Billion Bics in my life and I’ve probably used two….where do they go????”

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