Finishing Wednesday and Starting Thursday

Finishing up Wednesday: I completed some homework and got ready for church!
Hi 🙂 Remember how I finished saying “What’s not to love about Wednesdays?” on my last post?

What’s not to love about Wednesday?

Traffic is soo not to love about Wednesday. We sat in a half hour of traffic to travel two or three miles!

But I did look at the fall scenery closer.

Go Pennsylvania !

We made it to Panera Bread and my mom was quite hungry and Hannah had a lot of homework.

She was saying “cheese” or something of the sort! Speaking of food…

Asian chicken salad, an apple, and garden vegetable soup with pesto. You can also see a peek of Jimmy’s bacon turkey bravo 😉

I made Jim pink for national breast cancer awareness month.

Wednesday night Bible study was great, we were all over the New Testament talking about Baptism! (which IS necessary to be saved!) After church I figured that Lola really needed a walk. So with a little begging on my part Jimmy said he would go with us!

Thank you Jimmy!

Lola is hardly visible because her fur is black. She’s a ninja at night.

Now onto today! Daily Bible verse:

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Luke 6:36

This verse in Luke is about giving, I think about tithing. Here’s my thought: Don’t be stingy about tithing, how can God put more in your hands if they are clutched around your money that you won’t give?

So, I started off the morning right with cereal and scrambled eggs!

Then it was off to math. I got a 65% on my quiz; AKA I PASSED! Now I have some tough homework. I walked to the library..

And studied for my ethic mid-term. It is so odd having mid-terms in October! I was the first person done with my test, which makes me nervous! I guess I am a fast test taker? So I headed home and had lunch (chili, corn bread, and various junk).

Now i’m enjoying hot chocolate

Okay, must write a paper, then it’s dinner! Gnocchi or fish and baked potato? Hmmm, time and hunger will tell!



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